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VIDEO: 1% vs. School Kids

March 14, 2013 By Danger Boat Productions in Conjunction with Minnesota 2020 Staff

A decade of bitter budget fights taught progressives and conservatives a costly lesson that both groups vow never to repeat. Borrowing money from school children to balance our state budget without raising income taxes was a grave public policy error that dealt a serious blow to schools at the worst time. While much of the shift has been paid back, the state of Minnesota still owes schools $800 million. How and when to repay the shift still influences the education funding policy debate.

To show the policy’s foolishness, Minnesota 2020 is trying something different. We partnered with Danger Boat Productions to help produce the following satirical sketch.
Remember, this is satire.



Danger Boat Productions helps groups and organizations explore big ideas and re-imagine them in ways that are fun and engaging to audiences. Their show, The Theater of Public Policy, portrays the issues of the day through smart improvisational comedy. For more information, go to

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  • Jim Mork says:

    March 14, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    The schools and the colleges have the same problem. Laws and adminstrations have loaded them with bloat while state budget crises cut aids that support them. There is an attempt to restore the aids, but who is looking at the bloat?  Every program has acquired a special interest group to call it absolutely essential. But the true victims are the students. Those who naturally respond to the shortage of money are not so quick to correct mistakes that bloated budgets. Our political system is now an enemy to fixing the schools and colleges.  Neither major party wants to really deal with the whole problem.