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Is the New “Accountability” Actually Professional?

When looking at teacher accountability, we’ve experienced many turbulent changes in the past few years. Unfortunately, they aren’t likely to have nearly the impact some are hoping for. One problem? They don’t do enough to professionalize teaching. The criticisms of traditional teacher evaluation and accountability systems are well-worn by now. They rely too much on years of service as a proxy for quality. The due process guarantees are too strong. At the heart of the criticism is that teachers’ contracts look too much like blue collar labor contracts and are…

Where Children, Data, and Equity Meet

It’s not hard to agree that young children shouldn’t face suspension or expulsion except in the most extreme circumstances. Beth Hawkins of MinnPost has provided in-depth coverage of the recent efforts in Minneapolis to address that problem by modifying their rules to make it difficult-to-impossible to send kindergarteners and first graders out of school for misbehavior. It’s the latest in a cluster of recent efforts in different Minnesota districts to address a real problem of equity in our schools. Specifically, the changes in Minneapolis are a reaction to the stark…