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Activated Voices: Doing My Part for the 99%

December 19, 2012 By Tom Niemisto, Video Production Specialist

"We are the 99%!" SEIU Local 26 workers chanted during a downtown Minneapolis march. The janitors and security officers are hoping to broker a fair deal in their next contract renewal, thus strengthening protections and wages for all workers in their field.

This segment of Activated Voices features Fred Anthony II, a Minneapolis security officer. Fred helps organize workers around the issues that really matter to all Minnesotans. He hopes his contribution to demonstrations like this one will empower workers as they struggle to get an equitable footing in a recovering economy.


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  • W. D. (Bill) Hamm says:

    December 26, 2012 at 9:31 am

    First, let’s clear up a very common misconception here; public employee contracts have never bolstered anyones position but theirs. In other words, there has never been any corelation between a successfull contract for a public employee union and wage increases or stabilization for non union workers in that same feild. No public employee ever put their life on the line for the Union movement and no increase in Public Employee Union wages has ever affected wages in the private sector in any positive way. While PU members have seen their wages rise steadily ours have stagnated for almost all the nearly 50 years of the Public Employee’s Union movement.