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Video: Winds of Progress on Tour

August 03, 2009 By Joe Sheeran, Communications Director
Along Minnesota's prairie, a new industry is growing among the corn, beans, wheat and sugar beets that comprise our state's agricultural base.   It's wind power.  Hundreds of turbines dot the bluffs and open planes from Mower County, in south central Minnesota, to Fargo and beyond.

These new kernels of commerce across the rural landscape already generate enough power to electrify about 450,000 homes, making Minnesota fourth in the nation when it comes to installed wind capacity, according to Minnesota 2020's latest report, Winds of Progress.

Rolling out the new report through Minnesota, its author, MN2020 Energy Policy Fellow Nathan Pain, and our communications team saw modest metal fabricating facilities, manufacturing plants, and Main Streets that will benefit from wind production.  They stood alongside mayors, educators and economic development directors talking about how wind power can generate 3,000-5,000 jobs and pump nearly $8 billion into many of Minnesota's rural towns and regional centers.

We'd like to thank the local partners who participated in our series of news conferences and give our readers a behind the scenes look at our prairie tour.

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