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VIDEO: Saving Money by Saving Water

April 21, 2011 By Tom Niemisto, Video Production Specialist

A coalition of local energy organizations and business leaders have launched a project installing water efficient pre-rinse spray valves for restaurant kitchens. Cutting back on water and energy use means more money to spend elsewhere in the business and less wasted resources down the drain. If this project catches on, it could mean more savings across the whole state from utility partners on board.

Minnesota 2020 stopped in to Las Mojarras Mexican Restaurant on Lake Street in Minneapolis to see the sprayers in action, and talk to owner Oscar Reyes about the difference so far.


This project is a new partnership between Energy Smart, a program of MN Waste Wise, a non-profit affiliate of the MN Chamber of Commerce; the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs); the Lake Street Council; and the Food Service Energy Leadership Program at Eureka Recycling. 

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