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VIDEO: Higher Education Brings Winds of Progress

August 10, 2009 By Trent Wells, Communications Associate
A century ago Minnesota merged its natural resources with a well-trained workforce to become a leader in food production.  In the first decade of the new millennium, wind has presented the state with a similar opportunity to become a national research center for developing wind and other renewable energy, according to Minnesota 2020's latest report, Winds of Progress.

In rolling out Minnesota 2020's latest report, its author, Energy Policy Fellow Nathan Paine, and our communications team visited the state's colleges and universities that will be producing the brain power for this new industry.

Minnesota 2020 would like to thank University of Minnesota Morris Vice Chancellor Lowell Rasmussen, Macalester College's Tom Welna and Riverland Community College's Steve Bowron for allowing us to highlight what their schools are doing to prepare the renewable energy workforce of the future.

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