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Housing: The Price is Wrong

June 23, 2014 By Katie Lescarbeau, Policy Associate

Occupy Homes used street theater to dramatize the Twin Cities affordable housing crisis at their rally on Wednesday. The rally leader, Antoine Martinneau, played the role of game show host of "The Price Is Wrong," inviting rally participants to come up and play. Once they spun the wheel, Martinneau guided them through a variety of skits that showed slumlords and bankers taking advantage of renters and homeowners. 

This unique rally was a clever way to  raise awareness about a serious issue that deserves more attention. The event was timed to coincide with the national release of a new report from the Homes for All Campaign of the Right to the City Alliance, which highlights the disconnect between rising rents and stagnant wages, the increase in renters competing for scarce affordable housing, and the general lack of affordable housing stock in the rental market.  This report provides national context and reinforces the findings of the report Minnesota 2020 and Minnesota Housing Partnership collaborated to release earlier this year.


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