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Adding Value the Minnesota Farmers' Way

April 15, 2009 By Lee Egerstrom, Economic Development Fellow & Aparna Bhasin, Undergraduate Research Fellow

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Aparna Bhasin, a senior at Macalester College in St. Paul and an undergraduate research fellow at Minnesota 2020, examines farm investments in ethanol plants to gauge the economic impact of farm cooperatives in creating markets and adding value to farm commodities. In short, her research shows enormous payback from these farm investments.

Minnesota 2020 Fellow, Lee Egerstrom wrote a two part series as an introduction to Bhasin's report:

Read Part 1: Economic Development Lessons from Ethanol: Markets Work, but Not for All Investors

Read Part 2: Study Shows a Billion Reasons Why Minnesota Farmers Invest in Ethanol

Aparna Bhasin's report: Adding Value the Minnesota Farmers' Way

The series continues with Part 3: Clash of Interests Hits Ethanol

and Part 4: Investment Strategies Should Fit Economic Development Objectives

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