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by Lee Egerstrom

Blog: Take This Job and Love It
September 29, 2014
Article: The Sun Drives Economic Development in Minnesota
September 24, 2014
Blog: Recalling Cooperative Roots for Building Communities
September 22, 2014
Blog: Remembering Ralph Hofstad: The Importance of Human Resources
September 17, 2014
Article: Naming Rights Reveal Importance of Farms, Food in Minnesota
September 17, 2014
Blog: Student Debt, Evidence of Impacts, Piling Up
September 10, 2014
Article: College Debts Hold Back Economic Recovery; Need Assistance
September 10, 2014
Blog: Commodity Markets Flip-Flop on Consumers, Rural Minnesotans
September 03, 2014
Article: The Cooperative Response to Living on the Edge, and Frontier
September 03, 2014
Blog: From Alky-Gas to Gasohol to Ethanol. Now Comes Biobutanol
September 02, 2014
Blog: Three cheers for Title IX, Mo’ne, Maya, Lindsay and all the Lynx
August 28, 2014
Blog: Making Nice at the Great Minnesota Get-Together
August 27, 2014
Article: Green Research Needed for Minnesota Bats and Bridges
August 26, 2014
Blog: Mayo and Shyness “On a Stick” at the State Fair
August 21, 2014
Article: Finding New Keys to Land Ownership, Careers in Farming
August 20, 2014
Article: Lessons Not Learned, Forgotten from Watergate
August 13, 2014
Blog: Beginner’s Luck at Farmers Market
August 11, 2014
Blog: Affordable Rent Gap Widening Across Minnesota
August 07, 2014
Article: Local Food Marketing within a ‘Stone’s Throw’
August 06, 2014
Article: A Cold Shoulder or Welcoming Arms for Children in Danger
July 30, 2014
Blog: Clouds Hang Over Economic Reports and Forecasts
July 28, 2014
Blog: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs Reports for Clearwater County, Rural Minnesota
July 23, 2014
Article: Improved Jobs Numbers Tell Only Part of the Story
July 23, 2014
Article: Applied Science Builds Minnesota from the Ground Up
July 16, 2014
Article: The Question for Jobs and Markets: “For Whom?”
July 10, 2014
Blog: Water knee high by the Fourth of July
July 03, 2014
Article: Determining Rural Minnesota’s Capacity for Growth
July 02, 2014
Article: Governments, NGOs Must Help Corporations Save the World
June 26, 2014
Blog: Let’s Hear it for Love and New York Mills
June 18, 2014
Article: Food Inflation Rising; Poverty, Hunger Hold Steady
June 18, 2014
Blog: Bottoms up for Climate Change
June 13, 2014
Blog: Great Sunday for Reading
June 09, 2014
Article: Minnesota is a Giver State
June 04, 2014
Blog: Whiskey, Rye and a 200-year Fight Over the Tab
June 03, 2014
Blog: Energized Faith-based Community Key in Progressive Coalition
May 28, 2014
Article: Food, Farming, and Football Connected by Research
May 28, 2014
Blog: Fear and Loving at the Great American Think-Off
May 19, 2014
Blog: Local Food Production Reaching Capacity
May 16, 2014
Blog: Empowering Immigrants as our new Entrepreneurial Class
May 15, 2014
Blog: Spring Rains Push Crops off Pace
May 14, 2014
Article: Old Blueprint for New Way to Progress
May 14, 2014
Article: MN Housing Needs Take State and Federal Support
May 07, 2014
Blog: Remembering Jim Oberstar, In So Many Words
May 05, 2014
Article: May Day Marking Mayday for Anti-labor Conservatives
April 30, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: A Look Back at Minnesota’s Housing Crisis
April 23, 2014
Blog: “Big Doings” at School Builds Community
April 21, 2014
Article: Faith-based Activism Gaining Steam
April 21, 2014
Blog: Gender Pay Gap a Global Problem
April 16, 2014
Blog: Paycheck Inequality is Bad Economics
April 10, 2014
Article: Minimum Wage, Fair Trade Increase Global Standards
April 09, 2014
Blog: Reality Sinking in Among Shrinking Middle Class
April 08, 2014
Article: Inaction on Gender Equity Perpetuates Poverty
April 02, 2014
Blog: Immigration Reform: A case of progress on hold
April 01, 2014
Article: Farmland Nearly Doubles in Last Five Years
March 27, 2014
Blog: High Rents, Low Wages; Minnesotans Struggle
March 25, 2014
Article: Imperfect Markets, Imperfect Information and MN-grown Coconuts
March 19, 2014
Blog: Moving Minnesota forward, with Russia
March 18, 2014
Blog: “Aug” fats are never good for you
March 17, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: Needs Mount, Housing Programs Underfunded
March 13, 2014
Blog: Lingering US Housing Problems Threaten MN
March 07, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: Modest Gains, Many Still Struggling
March 06, 2014
Blog: Far Right and Left’s Common Interest Around Ag
March 03, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: Grand Rapids on the Mend
February 27, 2014
Blog: Survey Says: Buy Local Campaigns Make a Difference
February 24, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: Northwoods’ Promise and Pain
February 20, 2014
Blog: Churches, Chocolate, Volunteers Fight Exurban Homelessness
February 17, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: Picket Fence Sill Faded in Exurbia
February 12, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: East Metro’s Vulnerable Neighborhoods
February 05, 2014
Blog: Remembering Win Borden: A transformative journey for many
January 29, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: West Metro Problems Not Just Bubble Related
January 29, 2014
Blog: Rural Development Survives in Farm Bill
January 28, 2014
Blog: Health Checkup for Minnesota’s Economy
January 24, 2014
Blog: It’s a Fitness Report, not a Geography Bee
January 22, 2014
Article: Uneven Recovery: Five Years After the Housing Collapse
January 20, 2014
Blog: Hopefully, Yellen Means More Stability for MN Trade
January 16, 2014
Blog: Here’s an Interesting Story About Oil Riches
January 14, 2014
Article: Economy will Improve in 2014; Inequality Needs Action
January 08, 2014
Blog: Cedar-Riverside, Broader Community, Step Up to Help Fire Victims
January 07, 2014
Blog: From Farm State to Agbioscience Leader
January 03, 2014
Blog: McCarthy and the Minimum Wage in a Global Economy
December 30, 2013
Article: Falling Farm Prices: A Call for Pause, Not Panic
December 18, 2013
Blog: We Cut Food Aid and Ed; Sweden Cuts Prisons
December 13, 2013
Article: More Evidence Suggests MN Manufacturing on the Mend
December 11, 2013
Blog: Sequestration and Housing: From bad to worse
December 09, 2013
Article: A Tool for Launching Worker-owned, Social Enterprises
December 04, 2013
Blog: The Rural Minnesota Economy and Small Towns Need Research
November 29, 2013
Article: Made in Minnesota 2013: Fair Retail Wages Strengthen Local Economies
November 24, 2013
Article: Business, Academics Partner on Immigration
November 20, 2013
Article: Organized, Cooperative Home Care Shortage Solution
November 13, 2013
Blog: Creative Minnesota Toys: Batteries Not Needed
November 07, 2013
Article: Corporate Farm Law Protecting MN from Land ‘Bubble’
November 06, 2013
Article: Scary Halloween for Minnesota Working Poor
October 30, 2013
Blog: Nobel Prizes and Asset “Bubbles”
October 25, 2013
Blog: DEED Took Our Idea, Maybe
October 24, 2013
Article: A Trip Down Monetary Lane
October 23, 2013
Article: Big MN Movie Premier, a Cooperative Event
October 16, 2013
Article: Shutdown’s Economic Perils in the Information Age
October 09, 2013
Article: Imagine a Minnesota World’s Fair
October 02, 2013
Article: How Gross National Happiness Impacts Policy Outcomes
September 25, 2013
Blog: How to Stop the 3-H Caucus
September 23, 2013