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by Jeff Van Wychen

Blog: Another Right Wing Misfire on Taxes
September 24, 2014
Article: Delivering Dollars: 2014 Homeowner Property Tax Report
September 23, 2014
Blog: Local Government Aid Reductions by City 2002 to 2005
September 17, 2014
Article: Local Government Aid: Actions Speak Louder than Words
September 15, 2014
Blog: Workers Share of Corporate Income Falls
September 11, 2014
Blog: 2014 Tax Act Further Improves Minnesota’s Regressivity Ranking
September 09, 2014
Article: 2013 Tax Act: Best Deal for Homeowners in 30 Years
September 08, 2014
Article: Comparing the 2001 and 2013 Tax Acts: Which was Better?
September 05, 2014
Blog: “Bull Crap” Sums It Up
September 03, 2014
Blog: What State is Jeff Johnson Looking At?
August 27, 2014
Article: Finally, a Halt in Escalating City Property Taxes
August 25, 2014
Article: General Fund Revenue Remains Well Below 2000 Level
August 18, 2014
Article: Conservative Excuses Aside, Minnesota Still Outperforms Wisconsin
August 11, 2014
Article: Tax Rates Fall For Most Minnesotans Thanks to Progressive Tax Acts
August 04, 2014
Article: New Data Show Big Drop in City Revenue, Spending
July 28, 2014
Blog: 2015 Projections Show Success of Progressive Property Tax Reforms
July 21, 2014
Article: 2014 Homeowner Property Tax Reduction is Wide & Deep
July 21, 2014
Blog: Revenue Uptick Belies Right Wing Policy Claims
July 16, 2014
Article: Price of Government Projected to Hit All-Time Low
July 14, 2014
Blog: Cigarette Tax Increase Succeeds in Reducing Tobacco Usage
July 08, 2014
Article: Progressive Leadership Reduces Taxes for Most Minnesotans
July 07, 2014
Blog: Progressively Reducing Minnesota Tax Regressivity
July 01, 2014
Article: 2014 Tax Acts Increased Tax Fairness
June 30, 2014
Blog: Michigan Think Tank Figures It Out: Minnesota Formula Works
June 25, 2014
Blog: The Problem with “Going All Scott Walker on Minnesota”
June 23, 2014
Article: Tax Fairness: How Minnesota Compares to Other States
June 23, 2014
Blog: Conservative Gubernatorial Candidates Off Target on Medtronic Merger
June 19, 2014
Blog: Got a Problem? Blame it on Taxes.
June 18, 2014
Blog: Minnesota Goes Wrong Direction on Estate Tax
June 12, 2014
Article: Minnesota Moves Ahead: Tax Fairness in the 50 States
May 29, 2014
Blog: The Good, the Bad, and the Selective
May 23, 2014
Article: Smart Use of Surplus? You decide
May 21, 2014
Article: Most County Governments Shrinking
May 20, 2014
Blog: Scott Honour and the Zero Bonding Bill
May 15, 2014
Blog: More Tax Cuts Coming
May 09, 2014
Blog: Impact of Minimum Wage Increase
May 08, 2014
Blog: Don’t Let Progress on Tax Relief Erode
May 07, 2014
Blog: Frozen LGA Leads to Higher Property Taxes
May 06, 2014
Article: LGA Should be Adjusted to Keep Up With City Costs
May 05, 2014
Blog: Conservatives Struggle Responding to Dayton’s State of the State
May 01, 2014
Blog: Examining Small Business Property Tax Relief Plan
April 30, 2014
Blog: LGA & Property Taxes: Aid Should Grow with Costs
April 28, 2014
Article: Progressives Won’t Win Points from Right on Tax Cuts
April 28, 2014
Blog: LGA & Property Taxes: Frozen Aid = Tax Increases
April 23, 2014
Article: Frozen State Aid is Declining State Aid
April 22, 2014
Blog: Preferring Death Over Taxes?
April 18, 2014
Article: Reducing Income Inequality Doesn’t End with Minimum Wage Campaign
April 16, 2014
Blog: No Matter How You Measure It, 2014 Homestead Tax Relief is Significant
April 09, 2014
Blog: Minimum Wage Naysayers Trot Out Tired Arguments
April 08, 2014
Article: Minimum Wage Deal Moves Minnesota Forward
April 08, 2014
Article: 2014 Homeowner Property Tax Relief is Widespread
April 07, 2014
Blog: Getting Rid of Tax Preferences: No Easy Task
April 04, 2014
Article: New Estate Tax Break Comes with High Cost in Revenue, Fairness
April 02, 2014
Blog: Tax Bill 2014: Part 2
March 31, 2014
Blog: Small Business Minimum Wage Growth would be Modest
March 28, 2014
Blog: Small Business Property Tax Break
March 28, 2014
Blog: Close the Deal: Senate Should Accept House Minimum Wage Offer
March 26, 2014
Article: Attacks on Estate Tax Fall Flat
March 25, 2014
Blog: A Frozen Wage is a Shrinking Wage
March 24, 2014
Article: Estate Tax is an Important Part of a Fair Tax System
March 24, 2014
Blog: Protecting Property Taxpayers Long Term
March 20, 2014
Blog: Two Tax Relief Bills that Legislators Should Consider
March 18, 2014
Article: Property Taxes Drop for First Time Since 2002
March 17, 2014
Blog: Minnesota’s Job Picture Even Better Than We Thought
March 14, 2014
Blog: Indexing Won’t Cause Excessive Minimum Wage Increases
March 11, 2014
Blog: The Conservative Who Cried “Tax Increase”
March 11, 2014
Article: Arguments Against Indexing Minimum Wage Fall Flat
March 10, 2014
Blog: Catching Up and Keeping Up with Cost of Living
March 05, 2014
Article: Dangers of “Give It Back”—Remember Jesse Checks?
March 05, 2014
Blog: Indexing the Minimum Wage is Common Sense
March 04, 2014
Article: Don’t “Give Back” All of the Surplus
March 03, 2014
Blog: February Forecast Reveals Modest Improvement in State Finances
February 28, 2014
Blog: State Budget Picture Improves Again; Stay Tuned for Details
February 28, 2014
Blog: Time to Move on Comprehensive Tax Reform in MN
February 27, 2014
Blog: Federal Conformity: Act Quickly but Prudently
February 26, 2014
Article: Minnesota’s Job Roller Coaster Trending Upward
February 24, 2014
Blog: Growth in Employee Compensation is a Solution, Not a Problem
February 19, 2014
Article: Economic Growth Outpaces Tax Increases
February 19, 2014
Article: Balance Future Unallotments with Tax Increases
February 10, 2014
Blog: Dissecting Conservative Claims on Income Inequality
February 03, 2014
Article: Declining Income is Long-Term, Widespread
February 03, 2014
Article: Minnesota Surpasses Wisconsin in New Business Filings
January 27, 2014
Article: The Conservative Spin on Public Compensation
January 22, 2014
Blog: November-December Revenues Exceed Expectations
January 20, 2014
Blog: So Long and Best Wishes, Yvonne
January 15, 2014
Article: Even With Surplus and Taxes, Revenue Still Down
January 13, 2014
Blog: Stop the Crocodile Tears for MN’s Highest Income Households
January 09, 2014
Article: Minnesota’s Fiscal Future: 2014 & Beyond
January 06, 2014
Article: The County Levy Kerfuffle in Perspective
January 02, 2014
Blog: Pope Francis Heightens Wage Equity Call
December 31, 2013
Blog: Local Levy Increase in Perspective
December 26, 2013
Article: LGA Increase Did What it was Supposed To
December 16, 2013
Blog: Right Wing Fill in the Blank
December 11, 2013
Blog: Map of the Week: A $9.50 Minimum Wage
December 10, 2013
Blog: “Minnesota Families are Making Less Money”
December 09, 2013
Article: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin: Who’s Winning the Border Battle?
December 09, 2013
Blog: Forecast Undermines Right Wing Naysayers
December 05, 2013
Article: More School Budget Cuts Averted
December 02, 2013
Blog: Norm Coleman’s Budget Bungle
November 27, 2013
Blog: Subsidizing Ronald McDonald
November 26, 2013