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Julia Moroles, Policy Associate

Julia Moroles

Julia Moroles graduated from Augsburg College with a Bachelors degree in Art (studio production) and Film (production) with a minor in Religion. Throughout her college career she studied abroad on three separate occasions, which includes Italy, Bolivia, and El Salvador. Upon visiting Bolivia, Julia documented the abroad experience, studied indigenous feminism as well as Bolivian politics. Immediately after she graduated, she lived in El Salvador where she taught art, photography, and film editing. She also studied Spanish and the liberation theology movement of Central America. Additionally, Julia has been recognized in juried art galleries for her work, participated in film festivals, and international photography campaigns as well. During her free time she enjoys exercising, documenting street art in Minnesota, and is an avid feminist.

At MN2020 Julia hopes to strengthen her skills as a multimedia specialist in order to advocate for public policy issues specifically focusing on education and equality. She also wishes to assist in empowering women in politics as well as enhancing equal opportunities economically in Minnesota. Julia strongly concentrates on connecting with the people in order to create a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone.