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Video: Businesses Excited for Green Line Business

June 05, 2014 By Briana Johnson, Video Production Specialist

Businesses on University Avenue are excited for the grand opening of the Green Line light rail. Many businesses went through some rough times during the four-year on and off construction of the new light rail. Business was slow and some companies lost customers due to lack of parking and the accessibility to get to the places with the construction going on. Businesses are excited to see how well business picks up once the trains officially start running on June 14, 2014. 

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  • Ruth Usem says:

    June 9, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    I have watched with trepidation and excitement during these past four years of construction - hoping all those
    businesses would “make it” to this time.  I am excited to finally see this day arrive!  Congratulations
    to the many who worked on this project over time -