Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward


A robust transportation infrastructure moves Minnesota forward.

Bike Sharing and Safety

In the transit capital of America, New York City, the mayor's office considers its fledgling Citi Bike bicycle sharing service "part of our public transportation system." In fact, new research from the University of California-Berkeley partly focused on the Twin Cities' Nice Ride Minnesota shows that bike share significantly complements and broadens the reach of transit buses and trains. It turns out that bike sharing also rivals traditional transit in another important area: safety. Despite a few deadly, high-profile transit disasters from crashes or terrorist attacks the world over in…

Freight at the Crossroads

When most of us think about transportation, we focus on personal mobility by automobile, transit, airplane, passenger rail, bicycle or walking. We're usually less aware of the indispensable role of freight movement in our prosperous society. Recent developments, however, have shone a new spotlight on the ways we transport commodities and consumer goods. Trucks haul a hands-down majority of U.S. freight as measured by either weight or value, although railroads, waterways and pipelines make significant contributions, especially for the heaviest loads over the longest distances. A 2013 federal report shows…