Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward


A robust transportation infrastructure moves Minnesota forward.

To Improve Traffic Safety, Look Outside the Car

From 2003 through 2012, more than 47,000 Americans were fatally injured while walking along streets or roads, about 16 times the toll of the 9/11 terrorist attacks or that from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes over the same decade. In that span, an estimated 676,000 pedestrians suffered non-fatal harm—one about every 8 minutes. Of course, all these senseless casualties occur across vast stretches of time and space without yielding the compelling news videos of natural disasters or jetliners flying into buildings. So the response from the public and officialdom has…

Tech Takes on Congestion; So Does Transit

Driverless cars. The Internet of autos. Drones on traffic patrol. Spatial analytics and behavioral economics.  The strange list above offers just a taste of the latest technological efforts to tame soul-sapping road congestion. Highway authorities everywhere are focusing on such fixes because laying more pavement is cost-prohibitive as well as self-defeating as more driving is induced. Whether the same problem crops up with technical management of traffic remains to be seen. But depending on whose methodology you believe, tech advances from ramp meters to priced congestion lanes have already smoothed…