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The Question for Jobs and Markets: “For Whom?”
By Lee Egerstrom July 10, 2014
Minnesota’s Job Roller Coaster Trending Upward
By Jeff Van Wychen February 24, 2014
Twin Cities Among Best Places to Find a Job, Depending on Who’s Looking.
By Nicole Simms February 05, 2014
Minnesotans Running in Place
By Jeff Van Wychen November 18, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Targeting MN’s Racial Jobs Gap
By Joe Sheeran October 29, 2013
Video: Everyone deserves a second chance
By Briana Johnson October 28, 2013
Fiscal Cliff’s Impact on Minnesotans
By Alex Christensen December 06, 2012
Outsourcing the Middle Class Amidst a Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom October 24, 2012
History Signals Slower Recovery for Industrial Workers
By Lee Egerstrom September 19, 2012
Obstacles to Escaping Minnesota’s “Lost Decade”
By Lee Egerstrom September 04, 2012
Year 12 in Minnesota’s “Lost Decade”
By Lee Egerstrom August 29, 2012
Blueprint for Success
By Courtesy of Saint Paul College July 04, 2012
Minnesotans Work Their Way into Poverty
By Lee Egerstrom June 06, 2012
Gaining Ground in the “Race to the Bottom”
By Lee Egerstrom April 11, 2012
The Draconian Effort to Impose Restrictions on Unemployment Insurance
By Chase Brandau, Guest Commentary February 15, 2012
Kitchen Table Conversations: Job vs. Vocation
By Tom Niemisto December 14, 2011
Occupation U.S.A.
By Michael J. Diedrich October 19, 2011
Farmers, 1099ers and Multiplier Effects
By Lee Egerstrom October 11, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Unemployment is 9%, Jobs Now
By John R. Van Hecke September 16, 2011
Jobs Numbers Don’t Add Up
By Lee Egerstrom September 06, 2011
Weak Economy Hitting Hard in Central Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom June 13, 2011
Conservatives’ Budget Would Put the Brakes on Economic Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom April 28, 2011
From Location, Location, Location to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
By Lee Egerstrom April 05, 2011
The Lost Decade: Minnesota has 76 Percent Fewer Job Openings
By Kevin Ristau, Guest Commentary March 28, 2011
A Middle-class Dream Hits a Dead End
By Dana Yost, Special to MN2020 February 24, 2011
Putting Minnesota Back in “The Right Place”
By Joe Sheeran February 10, 2011
More Evidence Public Layoffs Undercut Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom January 27, 2011
Depending How You Measure, MN's Unemployment is 220K or 410K
By Lee Egerstrom August 11, 2010
Unemployment Extension: Little Help for Minnesotans Out of Work Long Term
By Senta Knuth, Undergraduate Research Fellow July 22, 2010
On Our Way to Average: Ranking Minnesota's Economic Performance
By Jeff Van Wychen January 15, 2010
Retooling Helps a Minnesota Entrepreneur Beat Recession
By Lee Egerstrom September 09, 2009
The Bitter Fruit of "Shrinking Government"
By Jeff Van Wychen July 30, 2009
Will Budget Cuts Contribute to Another "Jobless Recovery?"
By Jeff Van Wychen July 22, 2009
What Informs Minnesota's Economic Policy Decisions?
By Diana Petty, Communications Associate May 26, 2009
Governor's Tax Cuts=Unemployment
By Jeff Van Wychen March 04, 2009
January Jump in Minnesota Unemployment Rate Largest Ever
By Jeff Van Wychen February 26, 2009
State Unemployment Hits Historic High
By Jeff Van Wychen January 22, 2009
Community College Offers Imperfect Solution to a Difficult Problem
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow December 22, 2008
1,000 Teachers to Lose Jobs
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow March 28, 2008