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Transit Planning ‘Debacles’ and the Subway Option
By Conrad deFiebre September 04, 2014
VIDEO: Building Transit for Better Equity
By Briana Johnson August 21, 2014
Bipartisan Transit Bashing
By Conrad deFiebre July 31, 2014
Peace in the Valley and Transit Equity for All
By Conrad deFiebre July 09, 2014
Minnesota 2020 Journal: No One Rides for Free
By John Van Hecke June 20, 2014
Discussion: What’s next for transit in MN?
By John Van Hecke June 17, 2014
Green Line: Just Part of a Full Network
By Conrad deFiebre June 12, 2014
Video: Businesses Excited for Green Line Business
By Briana Johnson June 05, 2014
‘Free’ Bikes Can Lead the Way Forward
By Conrad deFiebre June 05, 2014
Adapting Transit for the 21st Century
By Conrad deFiebre May 22, 2014
Southwest LRT and the NIMBY Veto
By Conrad deFiebre March 20, 2014
Video: Progress Almost on Our Doorstep
By Briana Johnson March 17, 2014
Invisible Transit Riders
By Conrad deFiebre March 13, 2014
The Green Line: Back to the Transit Future
By Conrad deFiebre January 23, 2014
This is How We Roll
By Conrad deFiebre December 12, 2013
On Parking, Transit and Economic Fairness
By Conrad deFiebre December 05, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Why street cars?
By Joe Sheeran October 08, 2013
Complete Streets, Incomplete Implementation
By Conrad deFiebre October 03, 2013
Chinese Rail Debunks Autocentric Myth
By Conrad deFiebre September 26, 2013
Time to Call in the Fixers for Southwest LRT
By Conrad deFiebre September 05, 2013
Electric Avenue: No Freeway to a Clean Future
By Conrad deFiebre July 11, 2013
New BRT Line Key for Transit’s Future
By Conrad deFiebre June 26, 2013
VIDEO: Haunting Memorial for Bicycle Safety
By Tom Niemisto June 03, 2013
Streetcar Desire Heats Up
By Conrad deFiebre May 23, 2013
Reimagining Transit
By Conrad deFiebre May 16, 2013
Must Transit and Parking Go Hand-in-Hand?
By Conrad deFiebre May 02, 2013
VIDEO: Senior Housing on the Corridor
By Tom Niemisto May 02, 2013
VIDEO: Bicycle Library
By Ellen Roos Tom Niemisto April 22, 2013
From Tornadoes to Transit: Environmental Justice in the Twin Cities
By Esther Schlotterbeck, Macalester College April 17, 2013
A Belt and Suspenders for Transit
By Conrad deFiebre April 11, 2013
Greater Minnesota Transit Growing
By Conrad deFiebre February 28, 2013
An Evolved Transit City: Portland’s Lesson for Minneapolis
By Amber Collett, Guest Commentary February 04, 2013
Five Ways Forward: Policy Ideas to Move Minnesota Forward in 2013
By Minnesota 2020 Fellows January 30, 2013
Portugal and Barbados are Beating Us?
By Conrad deFiebre January 24, 2013
Development Puts Green into the Green Line
By Conrad deFiebre January 17, 2013
Knitting Together High-Quality Transit
By Conrad deFiebre November 08, 2012
Are We There Yet? MnDOT Takes Stock
By Conrad deFiebre October 25, 2012
Fast Rail Blocked by Public Sector, Boosted by Private
By Conrad deFiebre September 27, 2012
The Ryan Budget and Transportation
By Conrad deFiebre August 16, 2012
Transit Gets a Break
By Conrad deFiebre July 19, 2012
VIDEO: Start them Young on Transit
By Joe Sheeran July 05, 2012
Lake Street: Not so great—yet
By Conrad deFiebre July 03, 2012
Getting the Most from Transit Synergies
By Conrad deFiebre June 25, 2012
Make That Bike Walk + Transit Week
By Conrad deFiebre June 04, 2012
VIDEO: The Transit Tipping Point
By Tom Niemisto March 01, 2012
2012’s Transit and Non-motorized Priorities
By Barb Thoman, Guest Commentary January 23, 2012
King Car on the Wane
By Conrad deFiebre December 08, 2011
A Small Step Forward for Intercity Rail
By Conrad deFiebre December 01, 2011
Cutting Red Tape to Promote the Transit Advantage
By Conrad deFiebre November 17, 2011
As Train Travel Surges, Conservatives Go Off the Rails
By Conrad deFiebre October 20, 2011
One Small Step for Modern Transit
By Conrad deFiebre September 08, 2011
Aging Away from Mobility
By Riordan Frost June 22, 2011
Kitchen Table Conversations: Relying on Transit
By Joe Sheeran & Tom Niemisto, Communications Staff June 15, 2011
Expanding Transit for Minnesota
By Riordan Frost June 01, 2011
Tuesday Talk: How will declining transportation options impact you?
By Joe Sheeran May 31, 2011
What to Do With a Broken Suburb?
By Riordan Frost April 27, 2011
Tuesday Talk: What’s the right gas price?
By Joe Sheeran April 26, 2011
Stop Light Rail? Not a Smart—or Winning—Idea
By Conrad deFiebre April 18, 2011
Minnesota Transportation Stalling While Others Progress
By Riordan Frost March 31, 2011
Private Profits from Public Investments
By Riordan Frost March 21, 2011
Tuesday Talk: What’s the future of public transit?
By Joe Sheeran March 08, 2011
VIDEO: Multi-Modal Transit Hub in St. Paul
By Tom Niemisto and Riordan Frost January 20, 2011
Conservatives for Transit
By Conrad deFiebre December 29, 2010
Metro Transit Getting Greener
By Mina Bakhtiar December 02, 2010
Barriers to Truly High-Speed Rail
By Riordan Frost October 14, 2010
Quarter of a Billion Dollars in Construction Savings
By Conrad deFiebre October 06, 2010
Slow Going For Minnesota Fast Rail
By Conrad deFiebre September 23, 2010
The Wrong Way: Minnesota School Transportation Disparities
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 14, 2010
Light Rail Bringing Long-needed Repairs to University Ave
By Conrad deFiebre September 13, 2010
Safer Driving Depends on Demographics
By Conrad deFiebre September 01, 2010
Broader Transit Options Finally Moving Toward East Metro
By Conrad deFiebre August 24, 2010
It's Getting Safer to Walk in St. Cloud
By Conrad deFiebre August 16, 2010
Twin Cities Ahead of Curve in Managing Congestion
By Conrad deFiebre Conrad deFiebre August 09, 2010
Shifting Transportation Funding Out of Neutral
By Conrad deFiebre August 05, 2010
Let's Not Erode Minnesota's User Pays Transportation Model
By Conrad deFiebre July 21, 2010
Wasted Time on Transit? Think Again
By Conrad deFiebre July 12, 2010
Walkable Neighborhoods
By Conrad deFiebre July 08, 2010
The Logic Behind Federal Health Care Reform
By Aaron Sinner, Undergraduate Research Fellow July 06, 2010
Finding $2.5 million in a $500,000 budget
By Conrad deFiebre June 21, 2010
You're Paying for "Free" Parking
By Conrad deFiebre June 15, 2010
Nice Ride, Minnesota
By Conrad deFiebre June 08, 2010
Jump Starting Minnesota's Green Economy
By Salman Mitha, PhD, Minnesota 2020 Fellow May 28, 2010
Transportation in Minnesota: Staring Down a Bumpy Road
By Conrad deFiebre May 26, 2010
Online, Smart Phone Technology Eliminates Public Transit Guesswork
By Conrad deFiebre May 20, 2010
Transit Bashers Blissfully Ignore the Bigger Picture
By Conrad deFiebre May 05, 2010
Drive or Walk, You're Paying for Our Roads
By Conrad deFiebre April 28, 2010
Technology on the Road: Distractions vs. Safety
By Conrad deFiebre April 22, 2010
Central Corridor Foes to Reap Biggest Transit Rewards
By Conrad deFiebre April 13, 2010
Brace Yourself for Bumpy Roads
By Conrad deFiebre April 08, 2010
Better Public Transportation Means a Healthier Minnesota
By Jeremy Dennison February 24, 2010
Greater Minnesota Gets on Board: Transit Ridership Grows While Investment Declines
By Conrad deFiebre December 15, 2009
Transit as a Teaching Tool
By Conrad deFiebre Conrad deFiebre September 15, 2009
Minnesota's Road to Recovery: An Analysis of Transportation Recovery Projects
By Conrad deFiebre June 30, 2009
Tough Times for Minnesota Transit Bashers
By Conrad deFiebre June 06, 2009
Transit: An Economic Recovery Vehicle
By Conrad deFiebre February 12, 2009
Rail Key to Reducing Minnesota's CO2 Emissions
By Conrad deFiebre November 14, 2008
Now is Not the Time to Experiment with Privatization
By Conrad deFiebre November 03, 2008
Reconnecting Minnesota: The Case for an Intercity Passenger Rail System
By Conrad deFiebre & Mick Conlan, Graduate Research Fellow October 15, 2008
Road Report: A Survey of Minnesota's County Highway Engineers
By Conrad deFiebre June 26, 2008
Poll Shatters Transportation Myths
By Conrad deFiebre March 18, 2008