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Local Government Aid: Actions Speak Louder than Words
By Jeff Van Wychen September 15, 2014
2013 Tax Act: Best Deal for Homeowners in 30 Years
By Jeff Van Wychen September 08, 2014
Finally, a Halt in Escalating City Property Taxes
By Jeff Van Wychen August 25, 2014
New Data Show Big Drop in City Revenue, Spending
By Jeff Van Wychen July 28, 2014
Energy via Rail: A Multifaceted Dilemma
By Conrad deFiebre July 03, 2014
Sprawl is Real, and It’s Here
By Conrad deFiebre April 10, 2014
Five Ways City Leaders Can Promote Education Equity
By Michael Diedrich January 28, 2014
LGA Increase Did What it was Supposed To
By Jeff Van Wychen December 16, 2013
2013 Tax Act Restores Badly Needed Local Funding
By Jeff Van Wychen September 23, 2013
VIDEO: Policy Hurdles Behind Tree Stump Clean Up
By Briana Johnson September 12, 2013
Propping up the Bogus ‘American Dream’
By Conrad deFiebre August 08, 2013
Blueprints for Rural Progress: Critical Need for Federal Development Funding
By Lee Egerstrom June 17, 2013
Duluth Defines Art of Economic Development
By Lee Egerstrom May 01, 2013
LGA Map: What Your City Will Receive
By Jeff Van Wychen March 27, 2013
Cities Compromise on LGA, Reach Historic Agreement
By Jeff Van Wychen March 20, 2013
VIDEO: Preserving Main Streets
By Tom Niemisto January 24, 2013
VIDEO: A Traffic Light That’s Always Green
By Tom Niemisto November 12, 2012
In Tough Times, Local Governments Innovate
By John Anderson, Guest Commentary October 03, 2012
Reaping the Best Treasure from Our Trash
By Justin Caron September 17, 2012
Second Thoughts About Second-Story Transportation
By Conrad deFiebre August 30, 2012
Wasting Away: Upgrading Minnesota’s Aging Wastewater Infrastructure
By Jeremy Dennison August 21, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Conservatives’ Road Music
By John R. Van Hecke August 10, 2012
Free Parking’s High Cost, Another Example
By Conrad deFiebre August 02, 2012
Small Communities: More Bang for Econ Development Buck
By Taryn Trujillo August 01, 2012
Back to Nature After Duluth Flood
By July 09, 2012
How Green is Your Community?
By Trevor Drake July 09, 2012
North Star Cities are a Beacon of Leadership in Democracy
By Héctor García June 21, 2012
VIDEO: A More Memorable Central Corridor
By Tom Niemisto June 11, 2012
Thief River Falls Grapples with Growth
By Lee Egerstrom March 06, 2012
American Crystal and Conflicting Public Policy Meet
By Lee Egerstrom December 06, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Fear-mongering in Minneapolis
By John R. Van Hecke November 18, 2011
VIDEO: How Many Cuts Can Communities Survive?
By Tom Niemisto October 17, 2011
Jobs Numbers Don’t Add Up
By Lee Egerstrom September 06, 2011
A Salute to Everyday Mentors
By By Dana Yost, Minnesota 2020 Contributor September 05, 2011
VIDEO: Pedaling to Progress in Duluth
By Tom Niemisto June 30, 2011
Location, location, location
By Conrad deFiebre June 20, 2011
Cities Prepare for Climate Change
By Riordan Frost June 15, 2011
Weak Economy Hitting Hard in Central Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom June 13, 2011
Make School’s Last Day Count
By May 30, 2011
Building Community Pride Through Public Policy Lessons
By May 03, 2011
What to Do With a Broken Suburb?
By Riordan Frost April 27, 2011
Tuesday Talk: Why are small towns dying?
By Joe Sheeran March 22, 2011
Census Shows Small Towns Can Reinvent Themselves
By Lee Egerstrom March 22, 2011
VIDEO: Prepping for Another Record Flood
By Tom Niemisto March 21, 2011
VIDEO: Impact of “Cuts Only” in Fergus Falls
By Tom Niemisto March 14, 2011
A Small Town’s Big Energy Savings Plan
By Andrea Lauer, Mayor, City of Royalton November 18, 2010
How Much Funding has the State Cut from Your School?
By Jeff Van Wychen October 05, 2010
VIDEO: Locals React to Tax Report
By Joe Sheeran September 07, 2010
Minnesota 2020 Property Tax Report: 2002-2010
By Jeff Van Wychen August 31, 2010
Minnesota Cities: Change in Taxes, Aid and Revenue
By Jeff Van Wychen August 31, 2010
Riverbend Market Cooperative: a Model for Main Streets
By Lee Egerstrom Lee Egerstrom August 04, 2010
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Westbrook and Minnesota's Indefinite Prosperity Detour
By John R. Van Hecke June 25, 2010
Minnesota City Spending Falls Further Below U.S. Average
By Jeff Van Wychen June 14, 2010
Local Bookstores Build Community
By Lee Egerstrom June 07, 2010
Don't Confuse Budget Slashing with Greater Efficiency
By Jeff Van Wychen March 11, 2010
Transit Creating Jobs in Greater Minnesota
By Conrad deFiebre December 29, 2009
City Property Taxes Up in the "No New Taxes" Era
By Jeff Van Wychen October 13, 2009
Minnesota's Public Employment and Payroll Shrinking
By Jeff Van Wychen October 05, 2009
Pawlenty's Unilateral Cuts Continue Shifting Budget Problems to Local Communities
By Jeff Van Wychen September 02, 2009
Bleeding Communities Dry: How LGA Cuts are Hurting Rural Minnesota
By Jeff Van Wychen March 15, 2009
My Minnesota: The Receiving End of Aid Cuts
By Andrea Lauer December 22, 2008
Local Colleges Mean Thriving Communities
By Michael Arnst, Undergraduate Research Fellow August 19, 2008