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VIDEO: How Minnesota Raised the Minimum Wage
By Briana Johnson August 04, 2014
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Why We Fight
By John Van Hecke August 01, 2014
Faith-based Activism Gaining Steam
By Lee Egerstrom April 21, 2014
Reducing Income Inequality Doesn’t End with Minimum Wage Campaign
By Jeff Van Wychen April 16, 2014
Minimum Wage Deal Moves Minnesota Forward
By Jeff Van Wychen April 08, 2014
Inaction on Gender Equity Perpetuates Poverty
By Lee Egerstrom April 02, 2014
Video: Big Business Lobby Holds Workers Back
By Briana Johnson March 31, 2014
Arguments Against Indexing Minimum Wage Fall Flat
By Jeff Van Wychen March 10, 2014
Video: Single Moms March
By Briana Johnson March 03, 2014
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Increasing Minimum Wage Increases Democracy
By John Van Hecke February 28, 2014
Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Shut Down Nursing Homes
By Nicole Simms February 26, 2014
Tuesday Talk: The Data-Driven Case for Minimum Wage Increase
By John Van Hecke February 25, 2014
Video: Fair wages all over this land
By Briana Johnson February 06, 2014
Tuesday Talk: What’s the right minimum wage for Minnesota?
By John Van Hecke January 28, 2014
Economy will Improve in 2014; Inequality Needs Action
By Lee Egerstrom January 08, 2014
Support Workers Making the Holidays Happen
By John R. Van Hecke December 17, 2013
Video: Black Friday strikers
By Briana Johnson December 04, 2013
Video: Walmart Workers Walk Out
By Briana Johnson November 26, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Frustrated with the Black Friday madness?
By Joe Sheeran November 26, 2013
Made in Minnesota 2013: Fair Retail Wages Strengthen Local Economies
By Lee Egerstrom November 24, 2013
Minnesotans Running in Place
By Jeff Van Wychen November 18, 2013
VIDEO: Retail Workers Deserve Better
By Briana Johnson November 14, 2013
Video: Better Wages Break Poverty Cycle
By Briana Johnson November 04, 2013
Video: Taking Minimum Wage to New Heights
By Briana Johnson October 30, 2013
Video: Working Too Hard To Struggle
By Briana Johnson October 24, 2013
Video: A Better Wage is Possible
By Briana Johnson October 16, 2013
Who Benefits: Demographic Impact of a $9.50 Minimum Wage
By Raise the Wage Coalition October 08, 2013
VIDEO: Knocking for Minimum Wage Change
By Briana Johnson September 26, 2013
Higher Wage Can Help Minnesota Families Thrive
By John Clay, Guest Commentary September 25, 2013
Who Makes Minimum Wage?
By John Clay, Guest Commentary September 16, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Lifting Boats, Not Drowning People
By John R. Van Hecke September 13, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Minimum Wage: Is $9.50 enough?
By Joe Sheeran September 03, 2013
Good Jobs, Economic Justice for All
By Joe Sheeran September 02, 2013
Minimum Wage is Way Too Low
By John Clay and Kevin Ristau, Guest Commentary August 27, 2013
Living Wages and Living Well in Dayton’s Bluff
By Lee Egerstrom July 24, 2013
VIDEO: Paying a Fair Wage is Good Economics
By Tom Niemisto March 21, 2013
VIDEO: Breaking the Poverty Cycle
By Tom Niemisto March 18, 2013
Labor Victory Moves Working Poor Closer to Middle Class
By Lee Egerstrom March 18, 2013
Putting Whoppers and Minimum Wages in Perspective
By Lee Egerstrom February 27, 2013
Tuesday Talk: What’s a fair minimum wage?
By Joe Sheeran January 15, 2013
Life at Minimum Wage
By September 20, 2010
Minnesota 2020 Journal: A Guy Walks into a Bar
By John R. Van Hecke July 16, 2010