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Uneven Recovery: A Look Back at Minnesota’s Housing Crisis
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership April 23, 2014
Video: Everyone needs a place to call home
By Briana Johnson March 24, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Picket Fence Sill Faded in Exurbia
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership February 12, 2014
Video: Eastside Recovery’s Ups and Downs
By Briana Johnson February 10, 2014
Video: Rebuilding North Minneapolis
By Briana Johnson January 29, 2014
Tuesday Talk: Q & A on MN’s Uneven Housing Recovery
By Joe Sheeran January 21, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Five Years After the Housing Collapse
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership January 20, 2014
Video: No Closure in Home Foreclosure
By Briana Johnson October 14, 2013
Student-led Initiative Beating Back the Bank Attack
By Sarah Knispel, Guest Commentary December 17, 2012
Map of the Week: Submarkets Shape Foreclosure Crisis
By Zack Avre July 24, 2012
Occupation U.S.A.
By Michael J. Diedrich October 19, 2011
VIDEO: Home Foreclosures Impact School Enrollment
By Tom Niemisto October 13, 2011
Ground up Economic Fix
By Lee Egerstrom September 13, 2011
Underwater and Sinking
By Lee Egerstrom May 11, 2011
From Location, Location, Location to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
By Lee Egerstrom April 05, 2011
Minnesota Farm Country Now Part of Housing, Economic Troubles
By Lee Egerstrom September 20, 2010
Solution to 1980s Farm Crisis Could Point to Housing Fix
By Lee Egerstrom August 25, 2010
Housing Prices Up but Foreclosure Rates Paint a Different Picture
By Senta Knuth August 17, 2010
Local Cuts Put Economic Recovery on Shaky Ground
By Lee Egerstrom April 01, 2010
A Federal Home Values Guarantee Program in the Works
By Lee Egerstrom February 10, 2010
Front Porch Forecast: Housing Market Set to Tumble Without Intervention
By Lee Egerstrom October 23, 2009
Stopping the Freefall: Stabilizing Minnesota's Housing Market
By Lee Egerstrom & Larry Buegler March 15, 2009