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Minnesota 2020 Journal: Craft Beer Strategy for Renewable Fuel
By John R. Van Hecke October 25, 2013
Tuesday Talk Q&A: Beyond Fuel Ethanol
By Joe Sheeran October 22, 2013
VIDEO: Clean Energy Tour
By Tom Niemisto October 24, 2011
VIDEO: Expanding Value Added in Swift County
By Tom Niemisto August 15, 2011
Greening Rural Minnesota, One Acre at a Time
By Lee Egerstrom May 05, 2011
Jump Starting Minnesota's Green Economy
By Salman Mitha, PhD, Minnesota 2020 Fellow May 28, 2010
Your View: Response to "Beyond Corn Ethanol"
By Ron Fagen, Fagen Inc. May 07, 2010
Environmental Op-Ed Series: Beyond Corn Ethanol
By Natalie Camplair April 28, 2010
Janesville Ethanol: Rationalizing Economic Development Investments
By Lee Egerstrom August 06, 2009
Investment Strategies Should Fit Economic Development Objectives
By Lee Egerstrom May 01, 2009
Clash of Interests Hits Ethanol
By Lee Egerstrom April 24, 2009
Study Shows a Billion Reasons Why Minnesota Farmers Invest in Ethanol
By Lee Egerstrom April 20, 2009
Adding Value the Minnesota Farmers' Way
By Lee Egerstrom & Aparna Bhasin, Undergraduate Research Fellow April 15, 2009
Economic Development Lessons from Ethanol: Markets Work, but Not for All Investors
By Lee Egerstrom April 02, 2009