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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: A Three –Legged Stool with a Missing Leg
By Maria Brun September 26, 2014
The Sun Drives Economic Development in Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom September 24, 2014
Energy Trends: Fossil Future or Renewable Outlook?
By Maria Brun September 12, 2014
Invest Now or Pay the Price Later
By Maria Brun August 28, 2014
A Windy Future for Minnesota?
By Maria Brun July 31, 2014
Video: New Policies Helping Fight Climate Change
By Briana Johnson March 20, 2014
Modernizing the Utility (and Public Policy) Model
By Maria Brun February 19, 2014
Tuesday Talk: Oil Trains vs. Oil Pipelines
By John Van Hecke February 18, 2014
Bakken’s Boom is Minnesota’s Peril
By Conrad deFiebre January 16, 2014
A New Way to Gas Up
By Conrad deFiebre November 21, 2013
Minnesota Energy Reality Check
By Maria Brun November 06, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Craft Beer Strategy for Renewable Fuel
By John R. Van Hecke October 25, 2013
Where MN’s Renewables Stack Up
By Maria Brun October 17, 2013
Climate Change Solutions Need More Teeth
By Alexis Williams, Guest Commentary September 12, 2013
Should Minnesota Embrace Plug-in Vehicles?
By Ross Abbey, Guest Commentary July 23, 2013
Electric Avenue: No Freeway to a Clean Future
By Conrad deFiebre July 11, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Q and A on Energy Legislation
By Joe Sheeran June 18, 2013
VIDEO: Solar Power Turns the Propellers
By Tom Niemisto May 23, 2013
Shifting Power in the Energy Debate
By Alice Madden, Macalester College May 08, 2013
Time to Strengthen Next Generation Energy Act
By Yingxin Ye May 07, 2013
VIDEO: Expanding Renewable Capacity
By Tom Niemisto May 06, 2013
Embracing the Sun Won’t Burn Us
By Samantha Chadwick, Guest Commentary April 08, 2013
Transitioning Down Energy Mountain’s Slope
By Tim Wulling, Guest Commentary March 20, 2013
Developing Economical Green Technology
By Salman Mitha March 12, 2013
Evoking Nixon to Get Conservatives Back on Green Trail
By Salman Mitha March 11, 2013
Five Ways Forward: Policy Ideas to Move Minnesota Forward in 2013
By Minnesota 2020 Fellows January 30, 2013
A Win for Wind, but Increased Policy Certainty Needed
By January 07, 2013
If It Has to be Shipped, Use Rail
By Will Nissen December 13, 2012
Leveling the Playing Field for Renewables
By Michaela Burroughs December 03, 2012
Clear Price Needed for Solar Juice
By Will Nissen November 29, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Real vs. Mythic Energy Independence
By John R. Van Hecke November 16, 2012
Energy Policy in Minnesota’s New Political Landscape
By Will Nissen November 15, 2012
Concepts for an Integrated Systems Approach to Green, Sustainable Development
By Timothy Nolan, Guest Commentary November 12, 2012
A Hard Look at Minnesota’s Coal Plants
By Will Nissen November 07, 2012
Solar Options for the Roof Challenged
By Will Nissen November 01, 2012
Xcel Needs Stronger Clean Energy Commitment
By Margaret Levin, Guest Commentary November 01, 2012
Tuesday Talk: How to move beyond “Drill, baby, drill”?
By Joe Sheeran October 30, 2012
Animating Minnesota’s Energy Future
By Will Nissen ; Rachel Weeks & Tom Niemisto, Communications October 22, 2012
Low Heating Prices Don’t Equal Savings
By Will Nissen October 18, 2012
VIDEO: Sun Water
By Tom Niemisto October 18, 2012
Mending the Nation’s Patchwork Energy Policy
By Will Nissen October 04, 2012
VIDEO: Heat’s On As Weather Cools
By Tom Niemisto October 01, 2012
Critical Moment for Clean Energy
By Michelle Hesterberg, Guest Commentary September 24, 2012
Leaving the Coal Paradigm Behind
By Will Nissen September 20, 2012
VIDEO: Double Impact in Car Conversion
By Tom Niemisto September 20, 2012
VIDEO: Driving With Volts Not Gallons
By Tom Niemisto September 13, 2012
Forgetting About Cutting Consumption?
By Conrad deFiebre September 12, 2012
Fixing Old Law Opens New Energy Paths
By Will Nissen September 06, 2012
VIDEO: Public Backs Solar
By Tom Niemisto August 30, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: State Energy Independence
By John R. Van Hecke August 24, 2012
Two Shutdowns Highlight Aging Nuclear Plants
By Will Nissen August 23, 2012
Energy Efficiency through Timing
By Ben Schweigert July 30, 2012
Minnesota vs. N. Dakota: Who’s more energy diverse?
By Will Nissen July 12, 2012
VIDEO: Fuel Standards Will Push Technology
By Tom Niemisto June 28, 2012
Energy Storage R&D Key to Renewables
By Will Nissen June 14, 2012
Coal’s Gold Watch
By Will Nissen May 31, 2012
Tuesday Talk: What’s the Lesser Energy Evil?
By Joe Sheeran May 22, 2012
A Tax Credit Worth Extending
By Will Nissen May 03, 2012
Supporting Minnesota Solar
By Zach Tamble, University of St. Thomas May 02, 2012
VIDEO: Project Independence Two Years On
By Tom Niemisto April 30, 2012
VIDEO: Solar on Residential Rooftops
By Tom Niemisto April 26, 2012
PTC and Minnesota Clean Energy Markets
By Erin Daly, Macalester College April 25, 2012
Cultivating Energy Efficient Farms
By Shaun Daniel, Guest Commentary April 24, 2012
VIDEO: Economic Empowerment from Energy Efficiency
By Tom Niemisto April 23, 2012
VIDEO: Sensible Incentives
By Tom Niemisto April 19, 2012
Sensible Incentives: Enabling Energy Efficiency in Rental Housing
By Will Nissen April 19, 2012
Lack of Eagle Permit Throws Caution to the Winds
By Marlys Mandaville, Macalester College April 11, 2012
VIDEO: Search for Sustainability
By Tom Niemisto March 29, 2012
Tuesday Talk: How should MN approach sustainable energy policy?
By John R. Van Hecke March 20, 2012
VIDEO: Making the Switch
By Tom Niemisto March 05, 2012
Renewable Energy and Health: Me, Myself and I
By Will Nissen February 13, 2012
Bringing Solar to Minnesota’s Schools!
By Ken Bradley, Guest Commentary February 01, 2012
Tuesday Talk: How do we spur momentum for clean energy?
By Katie Sanders January 31, 2012
Not Truly “Clean Energy”
By Mike Galgay, Macalester College January 02, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Little Geothermal Schoolhouse on the Prairie
By John R. Van Hecke December 16, 2011
Energy’s Transportation Irony
By Conrad deFiebre November 10, 2011
VIDEO: Renewable Energy Curriculum
By Tom Niemisto October 31, 2011
VIDEO: Winds of Progress in Rosemount
By Tom Niemisto October 27, 2011
VIDEO: Clean Energy Tour
By Tom Niemisto October 24, 2011
VIDEO: Solar Project Boosts Energy Efficiency
By Tom Niemisto October 20, 2011
Minnesota’s Cost of Doing Business
By John R. Van Hecke October 04, 2011
VIDEO: Rethinking Land Use for Biofuels
By Tom Niemisto September 19, 2011
Energy in Minnesota: The Carbon Conflict
By Riordan Frost August 23, 2011
Energy in Minnesota: The Run-Down
By Riordan Frost August 22, 2011
VIDEO: Growing Energy on the Countryside
By Tom Niemisto August 18, 2011
VIDEO: Expanding Value Added in Swift County
By Tom Niemisto August 15, 2011
VIDEO: Pushing Photovoltaic Technology in Minnesota
By Tom Niemisto August 08, 2011
Building a Healthy, Green Rural Economy
By Lee Egerstrom August 02, 2011
The Northern Sunshine State
By Riordan Frost May 19, 2011
Greening Rural Minnesota, One Acre at a Time
By Lee Egerstrom May 05, 2011
Protect New Coal Restrictions
By Shaina Kasper, Guest Commentary April 20, 2011
Private Profits from Public Investments
By Riordan Frost March 21, 2011
Conservatives Abandon Prior Green Energy Commitment
By Riordan Frost March 14, 2011
The End to a Moratorium?
By Riordan Frost February 14, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: My Smart Energy Grid
By John R. Van Hecke December 31, 2010
VIDEO: Minnesota’s Wind Potential
By Tom Niemisto December 20, 2010
VIDEO: Energy Efficiency and Green Jobs
By Tom Niemisto December 06, 2010
A Small Town’s Big Energy Savings Plan
By Andrea Lauer, Mayor, City of Royalton November 18, 2010
VIDEO: Low-Tech Solutions for Higher Efficiency
By Tom Niemisto November 18, 2010
VIDEO: Energy Efficient Streetlights
By Tom Niemisto and Mina Bakhtiar November 15, 2010