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The Question for Jobs and Markets: “For Whom?”
By Lee Egerstrom July 10, 2014
Redlining Study Highlights Wealth Gap
By Sylvia O’Brien April 30, 2014
Uneven Recovery: A Look Back at Minnesota’s Housing Crisis
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership April 23, 2014
Video: Five Years After the Housing Crisis
By Briana Johnson March 10, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Northwoods’ Promise and Pain
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership February 20, 2014
Uneven Recovery: West Metro Problems Not Just Bubble Related
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership January 29, 2014
Video: Rebuilding North Minneapolis
By Briana Johnson January 29, 2014
Economy will Improve in 2014; Inequality Needs Action
By Lee Egerstrom January 08, 2014
A Trip Down Monetary Lane
By Lee Egerstrom October 23, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Are you feeling the recovery?
By Joe Sheeran October 15, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Have household budgets recovered?
By Joe Sheeran August 20, 2013
Rising Home Prices Mostly Good
By Alex Christensen April 16, 2013
Capitalizing on a Growing Latino Community through Trade
By Héctor García January 03, 2013
History Signals Slower Recovery for Industrial Workers
By Lee Egerstrom September 19, 2012
Obstacles to Escaping Minnesota’s “Lost Decade”
By Lee Egerstrom September 04, 2012
Year 12 in Minnesota’s “Lost Decade”
By Lee Egerstrom August 29, 2012
Philosophy Behind Glass-Steagall Repeal Needs Reform
By Héctor García August 29, 2012
Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services
By Héctor García July 17, 2012
Minnesotans Work Their Way into Poverty
By Lee Egerstrom June 06, 2012
Sources of International Revenue in Minnesota
By Héctor García May 14, 2012
Strip Malls and Main Streets’ Common Bond
By Lee Egerstrom May 09, 2012
Gaining Ground in the “Race to the Bottom”
By Lee Egerstrom April 11, 2012
Recovery: A New Minneapolis Takes Shape
By Lee Egerstrom February 28, 2012
Bonding Homes, Bonding Communities
By Lee Egerstrom January 24, 2012
Investment Stabilizes Minnesota’s Countryside
By Lee Egerstrom January 10, 2012
VIDEO: 2012 Policy Priorities
By Tom Niemisto January 02, 2012
Main Street Needs Holiday Rebound
By Lee Egerstrom December 22, 2011
Tuesday Talk: What will get the economy moving?
By Joe Sheeran December 20, 2011
Kitchen Table Conversations: Job vs. Vocation
By Tom Niemisto December 14, 2011
VIDEO: Holiday Boost for USPS
By Tom Niemisto December 08, 2011
What Main Streets Have Over Wall Street
By Lee Egerstrom November 29, 2011
VIDEO: Bridge the Gap
By Tom Niemisto November 21, 2011
3 Reasons for Slow Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom November 01, 2011
Occupation U.S.A.
By Michael J. Diedrich October 19, 2011
Business Tools for Wealth Sharing
By Lee Egerstrom October 18, 2011
Kitchen Table Conversations: Buying Time in the Housing Market
By Tom Niemisto October 05, 2011
Ground up Economic Fix
By Lee Egerstrom September 13, 2011
VIDEO: Creating Jobs and a Strong Recovery
By Tom Niemisto September 08, 2011
Jobs Numbers Don’t Add Up
By Lee Egerstrom September 06, 2011
Calculating the Bonding Bill’s Jobs Impact
By Tyler Hanson July 28, 2011
Twin Cities and Ford: What’s Next?
By Conrad deFiebre July 26, 2011
Federal Default Dwarfs State Budget Fiasco
By Lee Egerstrom July 13, 2011
VIDEO: Shutdown’s Uncertainty Bad for Business
By Tom Niemisto July 11, 2011
Weak Economy Hitting Hard in Central Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom June 13, 2011
Underwater and Sinking
By Lee Egerstrom May 11, 2011
Conservatives’ Budget Would Put the Brakes on Economic Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom April 28, 2011
Cooperatively Moving Minnesota Forward
By Lee Egerstrom April 12, 2011
From Location, Location, Location to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
By Lee Egerstrom April 05, 2011
Farms and Mines Looking Good; Forests, Not so Good
By Lee Egerstrom March 30, 2011
The Lost Decade: Minnesota has 76 Percent Fewer Job Openings
By Kevin Ristau, Guest Commentary March 28, 2011
Kitchen Table Conversations: The Small Business Owner’s Perspective
By Joe Sheeran & Tom Niemisto, Communications Staff March 23, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Chewing on the Numbers
By John R. Van Hecke March 18, 2011
Staying Focused on Building a Better Minnesota
By Shar Knutson, Guest Commentary March 02, 2011
More Evidence Public Layoffs Undercut Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom January 27, 2011
VIDEO: Did We Learn Our Lesson?
By Tom Niemisto December 27, 2010
Tuesday Talk: Did we learn our lesson?
By Rachel Weeks November 30, 2010
VIDEO: Infrastructure Labor in Duluth
By Tom Niemisto November 10, 2010
Stashes of Cash, Not Tax Policy, Holding Back Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom October 13, 2010
Demanding a Social Return on Your Investments
By John R. Van Hecke October 07, 2010
Huge farm crops will help; not guarantee Minnesota economic recovery
By Lee Egerstrom August 18, 2010
It's Time to Ask: Rebuild an Old Minnesota or Shape a New Economic Future?
By Lee Egerstrom May 25, 2010
Trickle Down, Percolate Up, and Missing the Middle
By Lee Egerstrom May 17, 2010
The 2010 Recovery: Statistics Do Lie
By Lee Egerstrom December 30, 2009
Federal Recovery Package Saved Minnesota Jobs
By Conrad deFiebre November 04, 2009
Retooling Helps a Minnesota Entrepreneur Beat Recession
By Lee Egerstrom September 09, 2009
Minnesota Communities Continue Bearing Brunt of State Budget Problems
By Jeff Van Wychen August 25, 2009
"Cash for Clunkers" Won't Stimulate Rural Minnesota Economy
By Lee Egerstrom August 03, 2009
Retail Sales Still Weak; A Hint of Recovery on Floyd B. Olson Highway
By Lee Egerstrom July 16, 2009
Minnesota's Road to Recovery: An Analysis of Transportation Recovery Projects
By Conrad deFiebre June 30, 2009
Minnesota's Future: Maintain Our Roads While Expanding Transit
By Conrad deFiebre May 24, 2009
Stopping the Freefall: Stabilizing Minnesota's Housing Market
By Lee Egerstrom & Larry Buegler March 15, 2009
Better Infrastructure: A Road to Recovery
By Conrad deFiebre February 18, 2009
Transit: An Economic Recovery Vehicle
By Conrad deFiebre February 12, 2009
New Tools Needed for Minnesota Economic Recovery Plans
By Lee Egerstrom January 15, 2009