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High-and-Higher-Speed Rail on Track
By Conrad deFiebre August 21, 2014
Obama’s Transportation Legacy
By Conrad deFiebre March 06, 2014
Conservative Utah Shows Us the Way
By Conrad deFiebre October 24, 2013
Chinese Rail Debunks Autocentric Myth
By Conrad deFiebre September 26, 2013
Busting the Rail Bottleneck
By Conrad deFiebre May 29, 2013
Knitting Together High-Quality Transit
By Conrad deFiebre November 08, 2012
A Small Step Forward for Intercity Rail
By Conrad deFiebre December 01, 2011
As Train Travel Surges, Conservatives Go Off the Rails
By Conrad deFiebre October 20, 2011
One Small Step for Modern Transit
By Conrad deFiebre September 08, 2011
Minnesota Transportation Stalling While Others Progress
By Riordan Frost March 31, 2011
Private Profits from Public Investments
By Riordan Frost March 21, 2011
Tuesday Talk: What’s the future of public transit?
By Joe Sheeran March 08, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Anoka County is the New Wisconsin
By John R. Van Hecke January 21, 2011
Conservatives for Transit
By Conrad deFiebre December 29, 2010
Mixed News for Minnesota’s Fast Passenger Rail
By Conrad deFiebre December 20, 2010
Barriers to Truly High-Speed Rail
By Riordan Frost October 14, 2010
Slow Going For Minnesota Fast Rail
By Conrad deFiebre September 23, 2010
Light Rail Bringing Long-needed Repairs to University Ave
By Conrad deFiebre September 13, 2010
Broader Transit Options Finally Moving Toward East Metro
By Conrad deFiebre August 24, 2010
Transit Bashers Blissfully Ignore the Bigger Picture
By Conrad deFiebre May 05, 2010
Central Corridor Foes to Reap Biggest Transit Rewards
By Conrad deFiebre April 13, 2010
Getting High Speed Rail on the Right Track
By Philip Freyre, Policy Research Associate February 11, 2010
Charged Up Trains
By Conrad deFiebre April 27, 2009
Reconnecting Minnesota: The Case for an Intercity Passenger Rail System
By Conrad deFiebre & Mick Conlan, Graduate Research Fellow October 15, 2008
Northstar Rail Makes Sense All Around
By Conrad deFiebre December 28, 2007
Time is Money: Conservatives Slowed Northstar, Ran Up Costs
By Conrad deFiebre August 01, 2007