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Minnesota 2020 Journal: Collapsing
By John R. Van Hecke August 03, 2012
Tuesday Talk: Headed for infrastructure collapse?
By Joe Sheeran July 31, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Earth Swallows Man, Yields Metaphor
By John R. Van Hecke September 10, 2010
35W Bridge Collapse: Lessons Learned Two Years Later
By Conrad deFiebre August 05, 2009
Bridge Investigation Deserves Transparency
By Conrad deFiebre May 05, 2009
Bridge Collapse Spurs National Infrastructure Commitment; Minnesota Should Follow Through
By Conrad deFiebre November 06, 2008
35W Bridge Survivor Works to Prevent Another Tragedy
By Conrad deFiebre September 14, 2008
The 35W Bridge: One Year Later
By Conrad deFiebre July 23, 2008
Catching Crumbling Infrastructure
By Reece Rushing, Director of Regulatory and Information Policy, Center for American Progress January 15, 2008
Moving Forward: The Benefit of Transportation Investment to Minnesota's Economy
By Conrad deFiebre January 02, 2008
Up the River without a Solid Bridge
By Conrad deFiebre December 17, 2007
Untrained and Unprepared: More Incompetence at MnDOT
By Conrad deFiebre November 28, 2007
Bridges Shouldn't Fall
By Eliot Seide, Director AFSCME Council 5 November 05, 2007
Stepping Up for Bridge Victims
By Conrad deFiebre October 30, 2007
No Money, No Leadership: Another MnDOT Cash Flow Crisis
By Conrad deFiebre October 02, 2007
Broken Bridges, Broken System
By Conrad deFiebre September 20, 2007
Who Loses Without a Special Session?
By Conrad deFiebre & Matt Entenza, Minnesota 2020 Board Chair September 06, 2007
As We Respond to Disasters, Let's Get our Facts Straight
By Conrad deFiebre August 21, 2007
Transportation Problems Can't Wait
By Conrad deFiebre August 14, 2007
451 Minnesota Bridges "Functionally Obsolete"
By Conrad deFiebre August 02, 2007