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MN2020 - Recent Articles
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Recent Articles

Closing Minnesota 2020: A Farewell from John Van Hecke
By John Van Hecke October 06, 2014

Minnesota 2020 moved Minnesota’s public policy debate forward for seven and a half years, from 2007-2014. Hundreds of volunteer writers, researchers and activists helped…

Video: Express Bike Shop
By Briana Johnson September 29, 2014

Minnesota 2020 went to the Express Bike Shop in St. Paul to learn more about Youth Express and their apprenticeship program for young adults.…

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: A Three –Legged Stool with a Missing Leg
By Maria Brun September 26, 2014

Drafting and passing effective public policies is a tricky business that often ends with unexpected and potentially counterproductive results. Sometimes this is a reflection…

A Public Role in Rail’s Big Battles?
By Conrad deFiebre September 25, 2014

It's been a while since an oil train exploded anywhere in America, so the red-hot controversy over shipping North Dakota crude by rail has…

VIDEO: MN 2020 Property Tax Report
By Briana Johnson September 25, 2014

This week, Minnesota 2020 released a report showing the impact of the 2013 tax bill on property taxes.  Because of the historic homestead credit…

The Sun Drives Economic Development in Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom September 24, 2014

Minnesotans are squinting up at the sun and leaning into the wind in efforts to link their pocketbooks and the natural environment to benefit…

Delivering Dollars: 2014 Homeowner Property Tax Report
By Jeff Van Wychen September 23, 2014

Download full report (high quality or small size) View online at Scribd All files contain complete appendix data In 2014, Minnesota homeowners will experience…

VIDEO: Bringing Fresh Produce to the Community
By Briana Johnson September 22, 2014

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be very expensive, especially in many low-income areas. Expense along with access to local grocery stores in North Minneapolis…

Is the New “Accountability” Actually Professional?
By Michael Diedrich September 22, 2014

When looking at teacher accountability, we’ve experienced many turbulent changes in the past few years. Unfortunately, they aren’t likely to have nearly the impact…

FOIA Improvement Act: Why Minnesotans Should Care
By Mary Treacy September 19, 2014

The frenzy is on as the 113th Congress moves into its last lap and mid-term electioneering hits peak. Left in suspension is a rush…

What’s the Buzz on Bees?
By Briana Johnson September 18, 2014

Honey bees are in trouble and fifth graders in the Minneapolis public school’s S.T.E.M. program are learning what to do to help them. Honey…

To Improve Traffic Safety, Look Outside the Car
By Conrad deFiebre September 18, 2014

From 2003 through 2012, more than 47,000 Americans were fatally injured while walking along streets or roads, about 16 times the toll of the…

Naming Rights Reveal Importance of Farms, Food in Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom September 17, 2014

Minnesotans were reminded recently that food and agriculture remain huge drivers of the state’s economy when two of the largest home-based companies stepped forward…

Where Children, Data, and Equity Meet
By Michael Diedrich September 16, 2014

It’s not hard to agree that young children shouldn’t face suspension or expulsion except in the most extreme circumstances. Beth Hawkins of MinnPost has…

Discussing Racial Bias in Law Enforcement
By Deb Balzer September 16, 2014

Recent high profile cases of alleged police misconduct have propelled the conversation about police treatment of the black community, especially black men and what…

Local Government Aid: Actions Speak Louder than Words
By Jeff Van Wychen September 15, 2014

Gubernatorial candidates of all political persuasions support city Local Government Aid (LGA), at least while on the campaign trail. After all, LGA is an…

VIDEO: Tech Crawl
By Briana Johnson September 15, 2014

Budding entrepreneurs and innovators seeking strategic advice, resources and networking opportunities had the opportunity to join in a series of 20 events across the…

Energy Trends: Fossil Future or Renewable Outlook?
By Maria Brun September 12, 2014

Energy, sitting at the intersection of powering society and emitting greenhouse gasses (GHG) linked to climate change, has become a highly partisan issue, stylized…

VIDEO: Minnesota Apple Harvest
By Briana Johnson September 11, 2014

Minnesota's apple harvest is underway and early word is that this year's crop is bountiful. There are 116 apple orchards across the state with…

Tech Takes on Congestion; So Does Transit
By Conrad deFiebre September 11, 2014

Driverless cars. The Internet of autos. Drones on traffic patrol. Spatial analytics and behavioral economics.  The strange list above offers just a taste of…

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