Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward


A weekly column by Executive Director, John Van Hecke

Minnesota 2020 Journal: More Campaign Finance Transparency Needed

Minnesota conservative activists wasted no time trying to leverage the U.S. Supreme Court's recent campaign finance ruling. In McCutcheon v FEC, the Roberts court removed contributors’ aggregate contribution limits in a campaign cycle. This week, local conservatives announced a similar state campaign finance law challenge, removing special source contribution limits. In the post-Watergate campaign reform era, there’s never been a better time to be a well-heeled contributor. If you possess considerable wealth and a strong desire to fund political campaigns, the world is your oyster. The rest of us? That’s…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: The Zero-Sum Game

Conservative fiscal policy is rooted in the idea that the economic pie’s size never changes. Public budgets, therefore, must also remain fixed, locked in place regardless of demographic and economic factors. And, gain may only come from loss. For winners to win, losers must always lose. Nothing could be further from the truth yet this concept substantially guides Minnesota’s public policy environment. We see it in the minimum wage increase debate. We find it in property tax relief arguments. We observe it in the very conceptualization of Minnesota’s biennial budget:…