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Health Care

Affordable healthcare creates opportunity and prosperity.

Shortsighted Cuts Could Hurt Community Health Advancements

The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) program was initiated in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an attempt to address health disparities, help control health care spending, and create a healthier future. To this end, federal funds from the Affordable Care Act were allocated to select communities across the U.S. to help support community-level efforts to reduce chronic diseases by expanding efforts in “tobacco-free living, active living and healthy eating, and quality clinical and other preventative services.” Minnesota fared well in the selection process: the state…

The 5% Campaign Makes Headway

Last year, the Minnesota House passed a health and social programs budget that allowed for the first wage increase nursing home and long-term care workers had seen since 2008. While this represented an important step in ensuring care workers are fairly compensated, the bulk of the increase was directed toward nursing homes, leaving only a very small amount for the many services that aim to assist people with disabilities and older adults within their own communities. This session, a broad coalition of advocates are working on the 5% Campaign –…