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Fiscal Policy

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Reducing Income Inequality Doesn’t End with Minimum Wage Campaign

On Monday, progressive state policymakers and fair wage supporters were in a celebratory mood, as Governor Dayton signed into law the first Minnesota minimum wage increase in nine years. Under that law, the hourly minimum wage will be gradually increased to $9.50 ($7.75 for small employers) by 2016 and indexed for growth in the cost of living beginning in 2018. While the new minimum wage law is a big win, more needs to be done to reverse the tide of growing income inequality. As the minimum wage increase was debated…

2014 Homeowner Property Tax Relief is Widespread

In 2014, total statewide property taxes will decline for the first time in twelve years, with homeowners seeing the largest tax reductions. A new Minnesota 2020 analysis reveals that 2014 homestead property tax reductions are widespread, reaching into every region of the state. In all but one region, the typical homeowner will see a tax reduction between 9.3 and 19.3 percent. The primary mechanism for providing this homeowner tax relief was the new homestead credit refund, which is a souped-up version of the homeowner property tax refund (a.k.a. “circuit breaker”).…