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VIDEO: Minnesota Apple Harvest

September 11, 2014 By Briana Johnson, Video Production Specialist

Minnesota's apple harvest is underway and early word is that this year's crop is bountiful. There are 116 apple orchards across the state with more than a dozen varieties of the autumn favorite.

Minnesota 2020 stopped by Aamodt's Apple Farm in Stillwater where they practice sustainable farming methods. Chris Aamodt, third generation owner of the popular orchard, says they use a minimal amount of spray to keep away bugs, promote an all natural process to replace chemicals during the growing process and use rain water to keep the apple trees hydrated. The farm has been around since 1948. It was started by Chris Aamodt's grandfather, a past student and professor at the University of Minnesota, who carefully picked the location of the orchard to avoid major storm activity that could damage a crop.

And, yes, you'll find some some terrific University of Minnesota varieties including the newest star of the University of Minnesota apple breeding program, the SweeTango.


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