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MN2020 - Video: Better Wages Break Poverty Cycle
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Video: Better Wages Break Poverty Cycle

November 04, 2013 By Briana Johnson, Video Production Specialist

Too many Minnesotans who work don't make enough to afford stable housing. While there are a number of charity organizations that provide shelter, better wages would allow these Minnesotans to find more suitable long-term housing.

It's part of the reason a broad coalition of faith, labor, non-profits and direct service organizations are working to raise Minnesota's minimum wage to $9.50 an hour.

Recently, Minnesota 2020 visited the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality in Moorhead, a place that provides housing for men in the Red River Valley. It's director says $9.50 an hour would help many of her residents find a more permanent place to live.


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  • Bernice Vetsch says:

    November 13, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Those large, successful companies who could easily afford to pay their employees a living wage often do not, leaving those employees to rely on charitable organizations and taxpayer funded public programs.  The employers then get ever richer while their employees barely get by and all who contribute to charities and pay taxes pay the employers’ share.  Perhaps the cost should be added to their tax bill.