Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward

Economic Development

A growing Minnesota is a prosperous, secure Minnesota.

Collateral Costs: Racial Disparities and Injustice in Minnesota’s Marijuana Laws

Blacks in Minnesota are 6.4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, one of the nation’s highest disparities, according to FBI statistics. Our latest report finds these disproportionate arrest rates further exacerbate equity gaps for individuals and neighborhoods in communities of color.

Faith-based Activism Gaining Steam

Many organizations helped lead Minnesota's successful $9.50 minimum wage drive, including the state's faith community, which played a strong role influencing lawmakers and their congregations. These faith leaders are part of a growing international movement that have joined other activists, labor organizations and nonprofits against a well-financed opposition of corporate interests seeking to exploit workers, communities and natural resources. Over the weekend, I joined a deep discussion on this topic hosted by the Harvard Divinity School Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship, in a conference titled "Christianity and Capitalism."  In addition to Minnesota there…