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Transportation Archive

Video: Express Bike Shop
By Briana Johnson September 29, 2014

Minnesota 2020 went to the Express Bike Shop in St. Paul to learn more about Youth Express and their apprenticeship program for young adults.…

A Public Role in Rail’s Big Battles?
By Conrad deFiebre September 25, 2014

It's been a while since an oil train exploded anywhere in America, so the red-hot controversy over shipping North Dakota crude by rail has…

To Improve Traffic Safety, Look Outside the Car
By Conrad deFiebre September 18, 2014

From 2003 through 2012, more than 47,000 Americans were fatally injured while walking along streets or roads, about 16 times the toll of the…

Tech Takes on Congestion; So Does Transit
By Conrad deFiebre September 11, 2014

Driverless cars. The Internet of autos. Drones on traffic patrol. Spatial analytics and behavioral economics.  The strange list above offers just a taste of…

VIDEO: Bike Lanes in the Twin Cities
By Katie Lescarbeau September 08, 2014

Making bikers feel safe and recognized on the road has become a priority for policy makers in the Twin Cities. By implementing protected and…

Transit Planning ‘Debacles’ and the Subway Option
By Conrad deFiebre September 04, 2014

With a divided vote by the Minneapolis City Council last week, municipal consent by all six jurisdictions along the planned Southwest light rail Green Line…

High-and-Higher-Speed Rail on Track
By Conrad deFiebre August 21, 2014

A heated debate broke out this month over America's high-speed passenger rail dreams —between two icons of the so-called "lamestream liberal media."  First, the…

VIDEO: Building Transit for Better Equity
By Briana Johnson August 21, 2014

The plan to bring the Southwest Light Rail Project from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie has moved another step forward. The Minneapolis City Council voted…

Bike Sharing and Safety
By Conrad deFiebre August 14, 2014

In the transit capital of America, New York City, the mayor's office considers its fledgling Citi Bike bicycle sharing service "part of our public…

Freight at the Crossroads
By Conrad deFiebre August 07, 2014

When most of us think about transportation, we focus on personal mobility by automobile, transit, airplane, passenger rail, bicycle or walking. We're usually less…

Bipartisan Transit Bashing
By Conrad deFiebre July 31, 2014

Once upon a time, a leading right-wing criticism of public transit cast it as an unwarranted subsidy to the undeserving poor. To Margaret Thatcher,…

Transportation Benefits: Agreement, but Weak Action
By Conrad deFiebre July 24, 2014

In my first major project as a Minnesota 2020 fellow, I highlighted the economic benefits for Minnesota of investing in transportation. This was a…

Complexity Dogs Mileage Fee Concept
By Conrad deFiebre July 17, 2014

It seemed like such a simple, smart idea at first. With fuel taxes paralyzed over decades of inflation, cars going farther on each gallon…

Peace in the Valley and Transit Equity for All
By Conrad deFiebre July 09, 2014

When compromises are reached at the State Capitol, legislators typically pronounce "Peace in the Valley." That great old gospel tune popularized by Elvis Presley…

Energy via Rail: A Multifaceted Dilemma
By Conrad deFiebre July 03, 2014

In Benson, the western Minnesota city that has ticketed BNSF Railway for its trains blocking street access for emergency services, local merchants wrote a…

Video: Drive Clean with Electric Cars
By Briana Johnson June 30, 2014

Global warming is real and it's past time we took it seriously. Environment Minnesota's new report, "Driving Cleaner," shows that electric vehicles can lower…

A Wake-up Call for WalkUPs
By Conrad deFiebre June 25, 2014

There's good news and bad for the Twin Cities in "Foot Traffic Ahead,"  Smart Growth America's latest comparison and analysis of metropolitan sprawl-induced car…

Video: The Skilled Workers Behind the Green Line
By Briana Johnson June 19, 2014

As Minnesotans finally get to enjoy the Green Line, the construction workers who built it are basking in the satisfaction of a job well…

Falling Short in Service to the Disabled
By Conrad deFiebre June 19, 2014

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport prides itself on its multibillion-dollar contributions to Minnesota's economy, its self-sustaining revenues, its numerous awards for safety, management and customer…

What You Need to Know About Uber
By Nathan Dahlen June 18, 2014

The story of Uber’s rapid rise to prominence is a compelling one. In just four years it has expanded from San Fransisco to 128…

Green Line: Just Part of a Full Network
By Conrad deFiebre June 12, 2014

Launched by Congress in 1956, the federal interstate highway program put its first shovels in Twin Cities ground in 1958. By the end of…

Video: Businesses Excited for Green Line Business
By Briana Johnson June 05, 2014

Businesses on University Avenue are excited for the grand opening of the Green Line light rail. Many businesses went through some rough times during…

‘Free’ Bikes Can Lead the Way Forward
By Conrad deFiebre June 05, 2014

During the six-week Metro Transit drivers strike in 2004, the Taxpayers League of Minnesota proposed shutting down the system for good and buying used…

Adapting Transit for the 21st Century
By Conrad deFiebre May 22, 2014

A lot of attention has focused lately on the Green Line, the Twin Cities' second light-rail transit project, scheduled to begin service June 14.…

Video: SWLRT Riding for Equity
By Briana Johnson May 15, 2014

Southwest Light Rail has the chance to be a transformative infrastructure link for North Minneapolis residents, connecting them to jobs, shopping and other recreational…

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