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Closing Minnesota 2020: A Farewell from John Van Hecke
By John Van Hecke October 06, 2014

Minnesota 2020 moved Minnesota’s public policy debate forward for seven and a half years, from 2007-2014. Hundreds of volunteer writers, researchers and activists helped…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Why We Fight
By John Van Hecke August 01, 2014

Today, Friday, August 1, Minnesota’s state minimum wage rises for the first time in 9 years, increasing from $5.15/hour for small employers and $6.15/hour…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Another Misleading Conservative “Crisis”
By John Van Hecke July 25, 2014

Minnesota’s pension problem is not the problem that conservative policy advocates assert. Rather, our problem is that Minnesota would be better off if more…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Aging in Place is Reasonable, Necessary
By John Van Hecke July 18, 2014

A new national survey finds that the most independently minded, unapologetically insistent American generation expects to live in their homes as they age. Baby…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Rural Minnesota’s Future Challenge, Potential
By John Van Hecke July 11, 2014

Minnesota will look different 30 years from now. We’ll be older and more racially and ethnically diverse but its where people live and work…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice
By John Van Hecke July 04, 2014

Big Ole took a hit. And, if we reverse public policy direction, returning to what didn’t work for 10 years, Minnesota will take a…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Pension Lessons and the Coming Retirement Crisis
By John Van Hecke June 27, 2014

Minnesota has a pension problem. Most Minnesotans haven’t saved enough money to adequately and securely fund their retirement. More than half of Minnesotans can’t…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: No One Rides for Free
By John Van Hecke June 20, 2014

Riding public buses and trains requires paying a fare. Driving Minnesota’s roads does not. Both transportation methods carry considerable public costs, yet conservative policy…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Taking the Public Out of a Public Park
By John Van Hecke June 13, 2014

Sharing public amenities is only slightly less controversial than funding public amenities. The new Vikings stadium adjoins an equally new Minneapolis public park. The…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Dressed to Distract
By John Van Hecke June 06, 2014

A conservative public policy protest is incomplete without at least one participant dressed as an 18th century British North American colonist, resplendent in knee…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: College Paves Path to Prosperity, Stability
By John Van Hecke May 30, 2014

Don’t believe the hype questioning a university education’s value, insinuating that college study is a waste of time, money and effort. Go to college.…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: When it’s Better to Borrow
By John Van Hecke May 23, 2014

If everyone waited until they could pay cash for a home almost no one would own a house and Minnesota’s economy would be weaker…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: We’re Not Saving Enough
By John Van Hecke May 16, 2014

On Mother’s Day, Governor Mark Dayton signed the Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act into law. It’s aimed at increasing family stability through expanded unpaid…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Older, Poorer, More Diverse
By John Van Hecke May 09, 2014

Minnesota is changing. We’re not the state that we were 100, 50 or 25 years ago. We’re not even the state that we were…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Keeping Small Health Problems Small
By John Van Hecke May 02, 2014

MNSure’s first open enrollment period closed with 170,000 registrants. That means 170,000 Minnesotans are expanding Minnesota’s insurance risk and healthcare service pool, lowering everyone’s…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Our Flying Car Future
By John Van Hecke April 18, 2014

As legislative sessions go, this one is marked by relatively blip-free achievements. Progressive policy is taking a big step ahead after years of stutter-steps…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: More Campaign Finance Transparency Needed
By John Van Hecke April 11, 2014

Minnesota conservative activists wasted no time trying to leverage the U.S. Supreme Court's recent campaign finance ruling. In McCutcheon v FEC, the Roberts court…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: The Zero-Sum Game
By John Van Hecke April 04, 2014

Conservative fiscal policy is rooted in the idea that the economic pie’s size never changes. Public budgets, therefore, must also remain fixed, locked in…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: MNSure is Working!
By John Van Hecke March 28, 2014

Minnesotans are purchasing healthcare insurance through MNsure, the state’s health insurance exchange. The first open enrollment period closes this Monday, March 31. Widely reported,…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Objecting to Injustice Isn’t Whining
By John Van Hecke March 21, 2014

The Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act, proposed legislation aimed to decrease gender pay inequity, is moving from committee hearing to committee vote to floor…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Retirement Ranking Highlights Need for Improvement
By John Van Hecke March 14, 2014

Minnesota is a good place for retirement but that will change unless policymakers help Minnesotans boost retirement savings. New state-by-state comparative data finds good…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: The Same Old Conservative Same Old
By John Van Hecke March 07, 2014

Around this time last week, the State of Minnesota released its revised state budget forecast. Minnesota is currently $1.23 billion ahead of projections. That’s…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Increasing Minimum Wage Increases Democracy
By John Van Hecke February 28, 2014

On Tuesday, inside the State Capitol, Minnesotans rallied for a minimum wage hike. It was a rollicking good time with great speeches, music, call-and-response…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: New Pilots Make How Little?
By John Van Hecke February 21, 2014

Think about workers directly affected by a minimum wage increase. Draw a picture in your mind. I expect that you’re thinking of food service…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: What’s the Right Charter Oversight
By John Van Hecke February 14, 2014

I can’t shake the feeling that Minnesota’s charter school movement operates under a different set of expectations from public K12 school expectations. The charter…

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