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Health Care Archive

VIDEO: TC Mobile Market
By Briana Johnson August 28, 2014

Minnesota 2020 headed out for a sneak peek of the retro fitting for the TC Mobile Market Bus. A program funded by the Wilder…

Home care workers stand up, fight back
By Steve Fletcher July 09, 2014

The wrong-headed Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn deserved a response. Tuesday, Minnesota home care workers delivered it, presenting  union election filing cards…

Video: Nurses Picket for Patient Care
By Briana Johnson June 26, 2014

Twin Cities nurses wore red as they picketed outside of North Memorial Medical Center to protest the unsafe working conditions. The informational picket called…

Shortsighted Cuts Could Hurt Community Health Advancements
By Nicole Simms April 14, 2014

The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) program was initiated in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an attempt to address…

The 5% Campaign Makes Headway
By Nicole Simms March 19, 2014

Last year, the Minnesota House passed a health and social programs budget that allowed for the first wage increase nursing home and long-term care…

Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Shut Down Nursing Homes
By Nicole Simms February 26, 2014

Those hesitant or opposed to raising the minimum wage claim it will result in job loss and business failure; in particular, they frequently express…

Report Blames Structural Racism for MN Health Disparities
By Nicole Simms February 12, 2014

In a bold move by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), state officials are blaming structural racism for Minnesota’s significant health disparities, which have…

Video: Community Pharmacy
By Tim Blodgett January 15, 2014

Small business owner Tom Sangupta speaks to Minnesota 2020 about the joys of being a part of a community and the struggles of owning…

Organized, Cooperative Home Care Shortage Solution
By Lee Egerstrom November 13, 2013

Minnesota is projecting a shortage of as many as 53,000 home health care workers by the end of this decade. In order to avoid…

Video: What Causes Cancer?
By Briana Johnson November 07, 2013

Besides the obvious causes, such as tobacco use, too much sun, and excessive drinking, what causes cancer in an otherwise healthy person? The American…

Video: The time to plan for your future is now
By Briana Johnson October 21, 2013

The Own Your Future project held a public discussion to make people aware of the many different options and strategies they can use in…

Nursing Home Workers Need Support
By Lisa Weed, Guest Commentary October 09, 2013

Recently some legislators, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk more prominently, who support the idea of raising the minimum wage, have expressed concern that a…

Video: Run for your life
By Briana Johnson October 07, 2013

Even if you didn't run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Sunday, this annual event still represents a great opportunity and reminder about why staying…

A Health Care Cost Cutter with Promise
By Annalise McGrail August 13, 2013

America spends more on health care than any other country in the world, yet there is little evidence proving these costs yield quality care.…

Despite Regressivity, Tobacco Tax Increase was Good Policy
By Jeff Van Wychen July 29, 2013

In an article published last week, Minnesota 2020 revealed the error in a conservative claim made in a Rochester Post Bulletin commentary that “each…

The Mental Health Discussion: a Mixed Bag
By Annalise McGrail July 17, 2013

Few medical issues are as widely misunderstood as mental illness. As many as 1 in 4 Americans experience a mental illness or substance abuse…

Obamacare is Coming
By Kevin George July 09, 2013

Arguments about health insurance rate shocks when Obamacare kicks in willfully disregard key facts behind the policy. Claims regarding rate shock are based on…

Preparing for the Medical App Revolution
By Annalise McGrail June 25, 2013

Smart phones and the apps that help them run have become so mainstream, the medical community is tapping into the technology to help lower…

Forget Florida, MN Tops for Retiree Health
By Annalise McGrail June 06, 2013

Much of the nation is frightfully unprepared for the dramatic demographic shift happening as a result of the aging baby boomer population, according to…

VIDEO: Insurance Exchange Coming to Minnesota
By Tom Niemisto May 30, 2013

Three years after the Affordable Care Act passed in congress, Minnesota and fifteen other states have opted to shape their own healthcare exchange system. Going…

When Single Industry Towns Work
By Agata Miszczyk May 15, 2013

Editor’s note: As Minnesota’s Iron Range and wood products regions have learned over generations, single-industry economic dependence can lead to unpredictable, unstable local job…

VIDEO: Local Curds on the Lunch Tray
By Ellen Roos Tom Niemisto April 29, 2013

It's a special treat to get fresh cheese curds on the school menu. It means even more when they're from a local source, as…

VIDEO: LaborCare
By Tom Niemisto April 25, 2013

As healthcare reform comes into effect, different workers will be impacted differently. Minnesota workers in labor unions are covered by policy in the Labor…

Statewide Standard of Care Critical for MN Hospitals
By Linda Hamilton, RN, BSN, Guest Commentary February 25, 2013

In hospitals across Minnesota, patients are at risk because not enough nurses are on duty. It’s become routine for nurses to never know what…

Small Businesses Applaud ACA Advances
By The Board of Small Business Minnesota, Guest Commentary February 20, 2013

The current Minnesota Healthcare Exchange bill is good for small businesses and Minnesota's economy. Minnesota has created a business environment that has attracted more…

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