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Fiscal Policy Archive

VIDEO: MN 2020 Property Tax Report
By Briana Johnson September 25, 2014

This week, Minnesota 2020 released a report showing the impact of the 2013 tax bill on property taxes.  Because of the historic homestead credit…

Delivering Dollars: 2014 Homeowner Property Tax Report
By Jeff Van Wychen September 23, 2014

Download full report (high quality or small size) View online at Scribd All files contain complete appendix data In 2014, Minnesota homeowners will experience…

Local Government Aid: Actions Speak Louder than Words
By Jeff Van Wychen September 15, 2014

Gubernatorial candidates of all political persuasions support city Local Government Aid (LGA), at least while on the campaign trail. After all, LGA is an…

2013 Tax Act: Best Deal for Homeowners in 30 Years
By Jeff Van Wychen September 08, 2014

Over the last three decades, years in which statewide homeowner property taxes fell were rare. The largest reduction occurred from 2001 to 2002 and…

Comparing the 2001 and 2013 Tax Acts: Which was Better?
By Jeff Van Wychen September 05, 2014

Over the last thirty years, the tax acts of 2001 and 2013 stand out in terms of providing homeowner property tax relief. The largest…

Finally, a Halt in Escalating City Property Taxes
By Jeff Van Wychen August 25, 2014

From 2002 to 2013, city budgets shrank while city property taxes increased, thanks to rapidly declining state aid. Legislative actions in 2013 and 2014…

General Fund Revenue Remains Well Below 2000 Level
By Jeff Van Wychen August 18, 2014

True to form, the anti-tax right continues to rail against the tax increases enacted by a progressive legislature and governor in 2013. However, real…

Conservative Excuses Aside, Minnesota Still Outperforms Wisconsin
By Jeff Van Wychen August 11, 2014

Since the 2010 election of progressive Governor Mark Dayton in Minnesota and conservative Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, the Gopher State has outperformed the…

Tax Rates Fall For Most Minnesotans Thanks to Progressive Tax Acts
By Jeff Van Wychen August 04, 2014

Taxes will decline for most Minnesotans—particularly middle-income families—as a result of progressive tax legislation enacted during the 2013 and 2014 sessions. A July 7…

New Data Show Big Drop in City Revenue, Spending
By Jeff Van Wychen July 28, 2014

As governor from 2003 to 2011, Tim Pawlenty chided local governments for failing to "live within their means." A recent report reveals that T-Paw's…

2014 Homeowner Property Tax Reduction is Wide & Deep
By Jeff Van Wychen July 21, 2014

The fact that Minnesota property taxes will decline in 2014 for the first time in twelve years is well established. However, a new simulation…

Price of Government Projected to Hit All-Time Low
By Jeff Van Wychen July 14, 2014

Despite all of the crying from the right about tax increases, Minnesota’s “Price of Government” is projected to reach the lowest level in its…

Progressive Leadership Reduces Taxes for Most Minnesotans
By Jeff Van Wychen July 07, 2014

For over a year now, Minnesota conservatives have been complaining about the tax increases enacted under progressive control of state government. However, an analysis…

2014 Tax Acts Increased Tax Fairness
By Jeff Van Wychen June 30, 2014

Minnesota’s tax system is regressive, meaning that low and moderate income households pay a higher percentage of their income in state and local taxes…

Tax Fairness: How Minnesota Compares to Other States
By Jeff Van Wychen June 23, 2014

Low- and middle-income households pay a disproportionate share of Minnesota state and local taxes relative to high income households. However, these taxpayers can take…

Minnesota is a Giver State
By Lee Egerstrom June 04, 2014

While Pennsylvania is the home of America's independence, Minnesota is actually one of the nation's most independent states when it comes to federal funding…

Minnesota Moves Ahead: Tax Fairness in the 50 States
By Jeff Van Wychen May 29, 2014

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd Over the course of the last decade, state and local taxes in Minnesota became increasingly regressive,…

Smart Use of Surplus? You decide
By Jeff Van Wychen May 21, 2014

After a decade balancing recurring budget deficits, this year legislators faced a more pleasant, but equally daunting task. Thanks to the budget balancing accomplishments…

Most County Governments Shrinking
By Jeff Van Wychen May 20, 2014

Despite a large increase in county taxes over the last decade, county revenue and spending in constant dollars have declined significantly since 2003, based…

LGA Should be Adjusted to Keep Up With City Costs
By Jeff Van Wychen May 05, 2014

A sensible way to maintain the property tax relief value of city Local Government Aid (LGA) is to annually increase the aid appropriation to…

Progressives Won’t Win Points from Right on Tax Cuts
By Jeff Van Wychen April 28, 2014

As Minnesota's legislature debates another round of tax cuts, progressives must remember one key element: no matter how much they cut taxes, conservatives will…

Frozen State Aid is Declining State Aid
By Jeff Van Wychen April 22, 2014

Despite the most far reaching revisions to the city Local Government Aid (LGA) formula in two decades, lawmakers left out one major piece when…

Reducing Income Inequality Doesn’t End with Minimum Wage Campaign
By Jeff Van Wychen April 16, 2014

On Monday, progressive state policymakers and fair wage supporters were in a celebratory mood, as Governor Dayton signed into law the first Minnesota minimum…

2014 Homeowner Property Tax Relief is Widespread
By Jeff Van Wychen April 07, 2014

In 2014, total statewide property taxes will decline for the first time in twelve years, with homeowners seeing the largest tax reductions. A new…

New Estate Tax Break Comes with High Cost in Revenue, Fairness
By Jeff Van Wychen April 02, 2014

While most provisions of Minnesota’s recently enacted tax law improved tax efficiency and fairness, it also provided large tax breaks to some of the…

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