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Shabelle Grocery & Restaurant, Minneapolis

Ethiopian and East African foods, fresh spices & meats, grocery & restaurant


Phone: 612-333-1101

Address: 2325 East Franklin Ave

About: Shabelle Grocery and Restaurant in Minneapolis has been open for over 10 years, owned by Abdurrezak Omer Hassen Ismaiel, and Mahdi Omar. Their mission is to bring the wonderful spices, foods and products of Ethiopia and East Africa to their customers locally.

“Ethiopia is a multi-cultural country where each culture has unique foods associated with it. At Shabelle Grocery and Restaurant, we specialize in bringing foods from the Harar region in Ethiopia. Harar itself has a wonderful mosaic of foods and traditions. We are here to present you with authentic ad delicious food from the ancient region of Ethiopia where cultures meet. Harar is a place where people come together to enjoy each other peacefully.”

Harar is also famous for its distinctive, natural processed coffees which bear the same name.

Shabelle Grocery & Restaurant