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Music from Dennis Warner, Clearwater

Fold musician & author


Phone: (320) 558-6940

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Address: PO Box 365

About: Nine CD's, one children's book and a whole lot of concerts later, Minnesota native Dennis Warner is recognized for his crafty wit, skillful musicianship and the special ability of captivating an audience. His unique blend of music and humor continually brings him to well over 100 cities each year. Warner's nineth CD, "SEEDS" was listed as one of the top CD's of 2012 by FolkDJ, based on airplay around the world on folk radio. Warner himself was listed as one of the top folk artists of 2012. His popular children's book, "Beads on One String" recently entered it's Fifth Printing and continues to grow in popularity throughout the country and beyond with it's positive message about our connectedness throughout the world, like beads on a necklace.