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Minnesota 2020 Journal: Another Misleading Conservative “Crisis”

Minnesota’s pension problem is not the problem that conservative policy advocates assert. Rather, our problem is that Minnesota would be better off if more Minnesotans had pensions. Earlier this month, the Center of the American Experiment (CAE) released a report suggesting that Minnesota’s public employee pension funds risk collapse. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, CAE’s report misleads Minnesotans, insinuating that state policymakers simultaneously cause and ignore pension problems. There’s the rub. State leaders can’t ignore something that they didn’t cause. CAE’s report is…

Transportation Benefits: Agreement, but Weak Action

In my first major project as a Minnesota 2020 fellow, I highlighted the economic benefits for Minnesota of investing in transportation. This was a direct rebuttal to the contention of then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty that hiking state fuel taxes for the first time in two decades to support highway construction and…

Improved Jobs Numbers Tell Only Part of the Story

The lifeguards at the swimming pool and the Parks and Rec summer employees, home from college, who are teaching four-year-olds to play t-ball are part of the reason why Minnesota has a nationally enviable unemployment rate. You can attribute pothole repairs patching up after this past winter’s unkind weather for…

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Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense